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Spotify Meets Starbucks to Create Mobile Ordering System

Current Customers Can Now Use Their Favorite Apps To Order Starbucks

Starbucks mobile ordering app has increased sales by merging with Spotify for a one stop shop experience. Consumers can now use their favorite mobile apps, like Spotify, to buy their favorite Starbucks coffee. Starbuck’s lovers can earn rewards by buying a New York Times newspaper subscription, listening to music on Spotify, or getting a ride from Lyft. Mobile app users increased 22% during the past year because of the innovations. A customer can also gain rewards when visiting Starbucks in places such as China, U.K. and Canada.

Creative Meals are Being Rolled Out

Now that the convenience of the reward program has become a staple for many customers, Starbucks is rolling  out new products. Breakfast sandwich sales and Bistro Box Lunches grew 40% and 65% respectively. This increase has led to an increase in  evening meals and beer/wine locations in urban areas. Food revenue has increased 20% in the past year alone; this has led to the best growth in the past five years.

Delivery Program a Success In Urban Areas

According to the article,Starbucks Delivery by Postmates Begins Service in Seattle, Starbucks is now incorporating a delivery system to increase mobile sales through their My Starbucks Rewards® loyalty program. The program was first tested in New York and is being rolled out in Seattle. There is a 60 minute window for delivery of food or beverages, but customers usually get their orders in as little as 30 minutes. Bypassing long lines is becoming a way of the future.