A Weekend Trip

Hey All,

I hope everyone is doing well. This weekend five of our club members took a trip to visit Ken Wa Kan in Hershey to have a practice tournament and to free spar with everyone. It was a fun and valuable experience for our members. Fighting against many different people and techniques is a great way to get better as a kenshi. We got valuable feedback from our senpai and from Bruce-sensei. Thank you Ken Wa Kan Hershey for being so inviting to us to practice. A special thank you to Bruce-sensei and his family for housing us for the night.

A Thank You

Today’s practice was fantastic! We would like to give a special thanks to Lan-sensei and Bruce-sensei and all of the senpai for coming to Penn State and practicing with us today. All the advice we were given will be taken to heart and we will hone our skills for the next time we meet.

Special Event!

Another great practice today after our labor day break!

This Sunday (9/10/17) at 12:00pm sharp we are holding a special event where sensei and senpai are coming to visit the Penn State Kendo Club and teach a class. This is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to get critical advice from multiple experienced kenshi. This will help reinforce what has been taught and help everyone see and understand what they need to focus on going forward. It is suggested that you arrive 5 – 10 minutes early.

We hope to see you there!

Summer Accomplishments

Over the 2017 summer, a few members distinguished themselves in national level tournaments. At the Junior Open National Kendo Championships, Masahiro-senpai placed 2nd in the 16-18 division.

Moreover, at the All United States Kendo Championships Bruce-sensei and Hiromi Muramatsu-senpai were a part of the senior team division that earned 3rd place at nationals. In addition, Hayden Gingrich was awarded Kantosho in the 16-18 year old division.


Congratulations to these members for their well-earned accomplishments.