August 31

It’s What I Do…

I am passionate about many things in my life.  Two of my most intense passions are obsessing over dogs, specifically my dog, and watching reality television.  I believe either of these ideas would make for an entertaining blog.

Ever since I could speak I would ask my parents to open our home to a second dog, because one was never enough, as I’m obsessed with dogs. The dream of owning two dogs at the same time never happened.  Approximately three years ago my very intelligent dog passed away and in May 2015, my family adopted in a cognitively impaired dog.  We named him Biscuit, after Biscuit in the children’s books.  Like Biscuit in the children’s books, my dog enjoys going on various adventures.  Therefore I think that it would be so fun to blog about my dog’s life and his weird antics, as I am passionate about all dogs, but especially mine.

The other passion that I have in my life is “trash television.”  I find that when one is a very academic person they need brain breaks.  For many people this can be exercise, reading, hanging out with friends, or all of the above.  While to some people reality television may seem mind numbing, but I find it relaxing.  Some of my favorite relaxing television shows include The Bachelor and its spinoffs, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, WAGS and its spin-offs, Second Wives Club, and Dance Moms.  While many of these “reality” television shows draw criticism for being scripted, they are still successful.  The other idea that I have for my blog is to assess what makes these television shows successful and why so many people enjoy following them. 

I am a very passionate person, and love dogs, especially mine, and reality television, thus I would love to blog about one of my passions.







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3 thoughts on “It’s What I Do…

  1. Katie Saylor

    I think that the need for “brain breaks” is so real! I think that the “trash television” would be a great topic for your passion blog because it is funny and has many possible topics. Your blog post made me laugh a lot.

  2. mmh59

    I found your blog to be very entertaining. I really liked the way your blog was formatted. The spacing made your blog easy to read and the font was classy and professional. I really enjoyed the personal anecdotes about your dog, and would love to hear more. The part where you talked about your love of “trash television” had me laughing out loud. I can’t wait to see which topic you choose to write your passion blog about!

  3. kmk482

    I think that both of your ideas for your passion blog will have a positive and uplifting impact. I am passionate about my dogs too, but I think blogging about reality television will provide answers to many people’s questions about why everyone loves these shows. For many people, reality television is their “guilty pleasure,” so I would love to find out why so many people avidly watch these shows. Since we are all unique, we all have various forms of relaxing. I think expressing the idea that everyone needs to find their method of releasing stress and anxiety is important for our mental health.


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