September 7

Igniting the Passion

The novel “It’s what I do” depicts the passion of war photographer Lyndsey Addario.  Throughout the novel one learns of Addario’s different trials and tribulations as a war photographer.  Everyone on earth has a passion, photography is Addario’s passion, and it’s what ignites the fire or passion within her.

One section of the story flashes back to a story of Addario speaking with her Nana.  It discusses the passion that her Nana and her lover, Sal, shared.  Sal ended up marrying her Nana’s friend and the three individuals all remained friends for years.  After Nana’s friend Eleanor died, Sal kissed Nana and it was just as passionate as when they were dating many years ago.  However, after this interaction their relationship became tense and this did not happen again.  The passion between these two lovers is the same way that Addario feels about war photography, and unlike her Nana she does not want to miss out on any part of it.  Addario includes this story to relate her passion to love, something that is easier for people understand.

While I cannot relate to having a passion for war photography, I can relate to being very passionate about something.  Reality television is a part of my existence.  I go into a trance where I can forget about all the problems in the world.  I can go back to my first time watching reality television like it was yesterday, watching “Dance Moms” on loop laughing about all the ridiculousness that occurring and laughing about it.  I think what is magical about “trash” television is can be extremely relaxing and entertaining, but it also teaches people important lessons that may aid them in the trials and tribulations of life.  Therefore, much like the war photImage result for the bachelorography of Addario and the kiss from Sal to Nana, reality television is my passion and is something that I love to watch.

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  1. acz5079

    I really like the way you described how you feel watching reality tv – it gave me a little insight into your personality! I personally don’t watch much reality tv, but I definitely might try it after hearing how it helps you relax and almost let out some stress from the day. I guess you’ll write about it more in your passion blog posts, but what are your favorite shows to watch? Is there a big difference between reality tv and, say, sitcoms for you? I can’t wait to see what you post next!


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