September 20

Civic Artifact Speech Outline

Stacie Kerbel



  1.  Introduction
    1. (Open door and let it swing closed) What you have all witnessed is something that we witness every day, the opening and closing of a door. This door, a big, heavy metal door, represents so much more than an entrance.  There is a reason that a door has hinges.  It allows it to swing open and close depending on the situation occurring at a given time.
    2. Thesis
      1. The door calls upon us as individuals to open the door to welcome and embrace new people, as well as help everyone achieve success. It also calls upon us as individuals to sometimes close the door, allowing one to have privacy and reflect about their days without the interference of others.
    3. Transition One
      1. When I begin a story I like to start at the beginning, so that is how we are going to frame the story of the door. We are going to  open the door, hold the door, and then shut the door.
    4. Topic Number One: Opening the Door
      1. The first step opening the door is the process of creating new opportunities for ourselves.
        1. First generation college students
          1. Personal example-my mom’s developmental students-RACC
            1. Many are older student returning to school/or are really poor students wanting to make their lives better through obtaining a college education-want to make a difference in the world-they are usually in developmental classes
          2. Women in powerful positions
            1. Hidden figures
            2. HRC-presidential bid
          3. These people have all opened the door for themselves, creating paths that they may or may not have seen coming, but have definitely changed their and societies lives for the better.
        2. Transition Number 2
          1. The people that have sparked changed in society have done so in a way that has held the door open for more people to walk through and experience new opportunities.
        3. Topic Number Two: Holding the Door Open
          1. Some people are not as fortunate as us, and need help achieving their dreams. They may have come from underprivileged areas and different areas in need. It is our civic duty to help these people succeed and not slam the door in their face.
            1. Refugees
              1. History-we did this in the past-WWII
              2. Illegal immigrants
            2. Underprivileged children
              1. Personal example-BBBS
                1. Helping them get to a level where they will succeed
              2. It is our job to make sure that these people all have the same opportunities and the way to do this is to hold the door open for them, not shutting them out from anything. Once they are able to have the same opportunities (job/education wise) as us,
            3. Transition Number 3
              1. After a long day of holding the door open for other people, the door shuts and we have time for ourselves.
            4. Topic Number 4: Shutting the Door
              1. We all need a little time for ourselves to decompress and destress, because face it our lives are very stressful. It is important to do this as we need to be leaders in society
              2. When people are over tired and stressed they feel like they are unable to do this preventing society from advancing.
              3. Therefore, it is our civic duty to shut the door and take some time for ourselves without the world hovering over us.
              4. Do this by reading some books, hanging with friends, going outside, or if you are me watching reality television.
            5. Transition Number 4
              1. These are all activities involved in our last step, closing the door. And while for some this may be the most relaxing part of the process, we cannot remember our other civic duties.
            6. Conclusion
              1. We walk through the doors every single day, opening them, holding them and closing them. And while we see this as a nuance task, this process serves a greater purpose.  The door calls us to create new opportunities for ourselves, help other people succeed, and allow for us to have privacy and time alone.

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