October 4

The Luck Keeps Coming

In Lyndsey Addario’s novel “It’s What I Do” she addresses a conflict of balance between her personal and professional life, thus the way that she works and lives.  The basic premise of these conflicts can be transferred into the reality television show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” 

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On pages 267 and 268 of “It’s What I Do” Addario discusses the struggle between a dangerous lifestyle in a war zone verses a peaceful lifestyle in a safe environment.   After Addario is in a deadly car accident that leaves her severely injured, she discusses in the novel the fact that maybe her lifestyle and her ability to survive is luck and that luck may someday run out.  However, she decides that a car accident can happen anywhere, so she continues her work.  She makes this conflict relatable to the audience by discussing how the struggle transferred into her personal life.  It was not just an internal conflict but rather one that was influenced by her friends.  Addario’s friends did not understand how important her career was to her and instead wanted her to focus on settling down.  Many people have passions that consume their lives and have others pressuring them to do other things.  I think that Addario’s passion depicts to others that they are not alone in these situations.

In my personal life, I do not feel like I am pressured to do anything, career wise, that I do not want to do.  My parents and friends are very supportive of my life goals.  However, as I am writing about reality television for my passion blog, I have encountered some snickering about its value.  I think that when one watches these television shows many focus on the drama between the performers/actors/real life individuals.  But there is so much more to these television shows.  For example, in my next blog which will be focusing on the Kardashians I will discussing how some of the Kardashian’s have left their significant others because of their lack of support for their dreams.  While some may say that they only achieved success because of their name, which is partially true, it takes a lot of hard work to maintain the success.

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While Addario and the Kardashians have much different life paths, they both have a common goal of achieving success.  In the end they both need to focus on what is important to them achieve their dreams in life.

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