October 11

A Picture is a Thousand Words

Addario’s photographs are amazing as they have the uncanny ability to capture the emotion of the seen.   On pages 186 there is an image depicting a young women surrounded by the blue sky.  This picture stuck me as in the midst of a wonderful sunny day a women is upset and crying, while staring at the camera.  It reminds us that although we may think that everything is wonderful it is not.  We take for granted the fact that we can walk outside and enjoy the heat without worrying about how it will alter the day.  This woman has to worry about providing water and food for her family, something that is not a luxury in her life.  This photo reminds us that just because it is a nice day and beautiful environment that everything is wonderful in someone’s life.  The other picture that stood out to me was on page 276 one sees a picture of American Soldiers crying over the loss of their peer who is in a coffin covered with the American flag.  This picture is very powerful to me because the picture captures the feelings that I have every time I stand for the National Anthem.  I remember the people that have died for my freedom and the life that I have.  Viewing this picture also struck me because it reminded me that in all the chaos surrounding the NFL with the national anthem we need to remember those who have fallen while protecting the country.  The emotions of the soldiers depicted just that and remind us what the flag means.

I can incorporate photos and videos into my blog to help it come alive.  Therefore, I will pick pictures that directly relate to my blog.  That way the people can physically visualize what I am saying, because sometimes it is hard to see the ideas that a person is writing.  They need a physical copy to understand.

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