October 26


  1. Introduction
    1. Disney princesses have transition to the modern women teaching children that they can strive for the dreams
    2. Talk about first time at Disney-wanting to be these people
      1. Whether we knew what they stood for or not
    3. Shift to modern feminism-pacific
      1. “destabilizing” men’s standard of society with the belief of universal womanhood
        1. Distinct genders
        2. Sexuality
          1. Revealing clothing
        3. Strong and empowered women
          1. Women can create their own definition of beauty and role in society
  • Equality among multicultural women
    1. Ethnicity
    2. Class
    3. Sexual orientation- https://www.pacificu.edu/about-us/news-events/four-waves-feminism
  1. Modern Disney Princesses
    1. Young children look up to these people as role models-they are realistic models of good women in society
      1. Merida- https://www.bustle.com/articles/107099-fact-merida-from-brave-is-disneys-most-feminist-princess
        1. Shows how forced stereotypes can influence a relationship
          1. Not every person is meant for the same womanly role
        2. When something went wrong she did not let someone else fix the problem
          1. She went and fixed it
        3. No relationship
        4. Refused the makeover for her coronation
      2. Tiana-bustle
        1. Comes from a life where she has to work two jobs to achieve here dream
          1. Economic independence
          2. Stability in a job
            1. Wants to own a restaurant
          3. Names the restaurant after herself
            1. Knows her worth
          4. Women of color
            1. Feminism in this generation has also to do with disparity among different ethnicities
              1. This focuses on someone of minority struggling achieving their dreams
  • Puts on sexy outfit and does not care what anybody thinks
    1. Eyebrow raise
  1. Frees herself from the trap that her powers put her in
    1. Does not need a man’s helps
    2. Accepts who she is


  1. Rapunzel-bustle
    1. Runs away from the life she is terrified off
    2. Knows she is worth more than that life
    3. Self-defense-not afraid to hit others to protect herself
    4. Makes her life happen
      1. Does not need Flynn to achieve her dream
        1. She was already in the process of making it happen when he came along
          1. it is not a problem that she found love, but it was not a central theme in the movie.
        2. The real world
          1. Not everyone can be royalty-need to be the best they can be
            1. Fulfill our fantasies-achieve our dreams
            2. Why now?
              1. After Hillary Clinton won the DNC nomination female empowerment was at an all-time high
                1. Women felt like they could do anything
                  1. When she lost many women felt like there was a setback in the advancement of women-feminism
                    1. Donald Trump has been filmed saying anti-feminist things
                  2. This is should not prevent anyone from anything
                    1. We need to continue to encourage young girls to strive for their dreams
                      1. Backgrounds do not define how far someone can go-princesses express this message
                    2. Malala
                      1. Grew up under Taliban
                        1. Shot in the head
                          1. Continued to preach for education
                            1. Now at Oxford
                          2. Simone Biles
                            1. Gymnastics
                              1. Grew up in foster system
                                1. Was adopted by her grandparents whom she now calls mom and dad
                              2. Maryam Mirzakhani
                                1. STEM
                                  1. Breast cancer spread to the bones
                                    1. Still pursued her dreams-achieved the fields medal in math
                                      1. Dying cannot stop her
                                      2. From Iran-while she was given awards any time you grow up in a country that is not a pro equality for gender there are hardships
                                    2. Proving background does not define you-able to do whatever you want
                                  2. What does this mean for the future
                                    1. We need these people because they are the future
                                      1. When we limit the ability of those not born into privilege you are limited the ability
                                      2. Invest in stem
                                        1. No matter the background-these people will one day save your lives
  • Invest in entertainment
    1. Arts/sports/movies
      1. One day when you are exhausted and tired-you will need someone to entertain you
    2. They are our future
      1. We need them to know that they can do whatever they want
        1. Lead by example
      2. Conclusion
        1. Disney has adopted its princesses to represent the modern women showing that although royalty may not be possible, they teach people to try to achieve their dreams
          1. While it is fun to fantasize our fanaticize can be through achieving our dreams
            1. For me one day I will be wearing a lab coat saving millions of people
              1. It all started with the inspiration of one doctor inspiring me to pursue my dreams as a little girl

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