November 25

History of a Controversy Contract

History of a Public Controversy Project

We (Stacie, Kyle, Carly, Julia, Shannon, and KiKi) are going to be completing our public controversy video about Greek life. We are going to be focusing on the culture that Greek life fosters among young people, focusing in on the aspect of moral judgement verses law abiding in the Greek community.  In doing this we will also address the Timothy Piazza scandal and how PSU was punished as well as how money can influence the punishments and how the PSU punishment influenced Greek life around the country.

Thesis: The Greek community has been a large aspect of college life, supplying students with wonderful memories and ideals.  However, with a growing trend of law breaking acts being completed by these groups it calls into question are these groups doing the right thing by following their moral rather than the law. And how can money help them continue their ways without getting in trouble.

Who is doing what?

Role Member of Group
Video editor Kiki, Kyle
Voice Over Stacie, Julia
Image/video collector Carly, Shannon
Researcher-moral judgement Stacie
Researcher-law abiding Kyle
Researcher-PSU scandal Carly
Researcher-impact around country on Greek Life Shannon
Researcher-money impact Kiki
Researcher-Greek tradition Julia


The following people agree to this document: Stacie, Kyle, Shannon, Julia, Carly, Kiki


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