February 3

This I Believe

Walking around my kitchen I can look and find many things, but the one thing that sticks out to me the most are the knives on the counter.  Now imagine not knowing when a knife was going to begin stabbing your left pelvis continuously to the point where the pain causes you to throw up uncontrollably and not be able to walk.  This concept is not a new to me. In fact every couple of months from the time that I was 13 years old until I had my left rudimentary horn and fallopian tube removed, I experienced this excruciating pain.  Now I am not going to bore you all with the medical details, because for some that may be too gruesome. But I will just say having part of my uterus removed has definitely changed my life and taught me to believe in humor.

Growing up I always took everything super seriously and still do to a lesser degree today.  My parents always taught me to work hard and my successes will come.  If I struggled or received anything less than an A on a test, I would go home and cry because obviously that meant the world was ending, so I would not be a successful individual.  However no matter how hard I worked to avoid my pelvic pain, and move on with my life, it would not go away. I realized nothing I did would resolve the issue.  This failure was not a typical one but I considered it a major one.  I am independent person, and so when I cannot fix a problem on my own I believe I suffer from a major defeat.   I realized the seriousness of my everyday life would not help resolve the problem, and if that was the case why should I be like that all the time.    See if I could not overcome my health complication on my own, I needed a way to make myself feel better and did so by laughing.  While I still had these pains until I had surgery, I made myself forget about the problem by cackling, allowing me to be a productive individual, as I did not focus solely on trying to remove the pain from my body when it resurfaced.

After this health problem, I continued to instill the belief of humor into my everyday life. I know that failure will occur, but I now understand that I need to chuckle at myself for it.  Being serious will not fix inevitable defeats that will occur in life.  But relaxing and finding humor in it will give my brain a break and allow you to approach the topic, finding a new way one to overcome it and progress to be made.  At 18 years old, when I struggle or fail completing a task, I take a break turn on a trashy reality television show, like Keeping up with the Kardashians and laugh.  I then go back to the problem, take a new approach and fix it, allowing me to successfully surpass the issue.  Therefore, I believe in humor as it gives me the best opportunity to achieve greatness in my own life.

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