February 15

Articles for Deliberation

article number one: http://neurosciencefundamentals.unsw.wikispaces.net/Sex+and+the+Brain.+What+parts+are+involved%3F

This article discusses the various areas that are affected in the brain during sex.  In public schools today children are taught about how people have sex, contract STDs, get pregnant through a very abstinence based curriculum.  However, this is not preventing children from having sex.  Children/Adolescents are not taught what is occurring in their brain causing them to have these sexual desires and arousal.  Understanding what is occurring in the brain is crucial for these people as it helps them understand what is happening in their body and that it is not a problem,  Allowing them to understand how their limbic system is affecting their choices will help them make more informed decisions as it is a know fact that adolescents understand the risks of sex, they just weigh the rewards more.  Learning this about this on a conscious level will help them make more informed decisions, allowing for their mental health to remain intact as the risky behavior is linked to a decrease in one’s mental health.

Article 2: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/fulfillment-any-age/201303/how-casual-sex-can-affect-our-mental-health

This article discusses the fact that a decrease in mental health has been correlated with the hook up culture.  The impact of this on mental health is not discussed in sex ed.  While people may be reporting positive feeling during sexual intercourse, afterward there is a decrease in the mental health.  There are reports that this leads to sexual dysfunction later in life.  This needs to change.  Having students understand this negative correlation between mental health and the hook up culture will help them understand the consequences.  This is not saying the positives of sex should not be discussed, both need to be understood.

These two articles will be used to help the audience understand how and why sex education should be reformed for students in both middle and high school.

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