March 14

Deliberation Reflection

I attended the deliberation “Dealing with Sexual Assault: Defining Yes.”  The majority of the people at this deliberation were there for the same reason as me.  They understood that sexual assault was a problem on college campuses, some even knew those that experienced assault, and they wanted to help find a solution to the problem.  In order to come up with a solution they had three different approaches.  They addressed community engagement, education and the legal aspect for defining consent and how to fix the sexual assault problem.

During the community engagement part of we discussed the importance of support from the community.  They believed that with support people will be more comfortable sharing their experiences.  It was discussed that this group therapy and support will help these people recover.  They also discussed that the community must be more aware of the sexual assault that is occurring and be more focused on programs educating the community on how to prevent the problem.

The second approach dealt with the education system and how to use that to resolve the hook up culture.  Much like in my deliberation they addressed healthy relationships.  They addressed that the best way to instill the importance of these relationships early in life. Much like what we discussed they discussed how one can start with what it means to be a good friend and how to share.  As one gets older the content covered will also mature.

The last topic discussed was the how the legal system can help and make a clear definition of what consent is to help reduce sexual assault.  It was interesting to listen to other people’s position because they believe that there should be a clear cut definition is necessary, but this is impossible.  They believed that there will always be a loop hole in prosecuting the assaulter.  People agreed this was something that needs to change.

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