April 5

Analyzing an Advocacy Website


The website that I chose analyze was the Pro-Life Action League website.  This organization provides information on abortion and why people should not have them.  They discuss what they believe are the real truths of abortion are and the myths the pro-life side tells. They use the money the public donates to advance their agenda.

The first logical appeal that I noticed on the website as through the use of statistics.  They state that 98% of people that have abortions are doing so because of a personal choice.  However, when one reads what else they write it states the main “reasons women give for having an abortion include not feeling emotionally capable (32%) or financially capable (25%) of raising a child, and concern that having a child would drastically alter her life (16%).”  These reasons obviously do not add up to 98%, but we know there are other reasons.  The problem with using statistics and the words personal choice is some of the personal choices are life and death.  A person who was raped and pregnant may suffer from suicidal depression having to look that child in the face every day.  Another women may be killed if she has a baby while pregnant because the father does not want the baby.  These are all extreme circumstances, but must still be considered when using statistics.

Another fact that the website uses to logically promote its agenda is it states, ““We affirm that direct abortion—the purposeful destruction of the unborn child—is not medically necessary to save the life of a woman.” This information logically makes sense.  Why should one have an abortion if a pregnancy will never kill someone?  Well the website is citing only one panel of physicians with highly sophisticated medicine.  Ireland’s medical care is better than that of the USA.  Therefore, one cannot apply the same logic to the care of pregnant people in the United States; there are medical cases here where pregnancy needs to be terminated to save the mother.  The United States is just unable to provide the same care as the Ireland.

The last logic the website uses to make one agree with the pro-life side is it states, “Women are also psychologically harmed by abortion. Post-abortive women have higher rates of drug and alcohol abuse. They have higher rates of suicidal thoughts and attempt suicide more often. They are more likely to abuse their current
children and to get divorced. Post-abortive women are more likely than the general population to seek counseling or hospitalization for depression.”  What the website does not address is the positives that abortions provide for  women and how they can also provide psychological relief for women.  While not all abortions are positive experiences, they are also not all negative ones either. In order to make this a logical argument in my opinion one would have to discuss how the cons outweighed the pros.