Bomb Threat at Wrigley Field

Iconic Wrigley Field

This Sunday there was a bomb threat at one of America’s most iconic locations, Wrigley Field. The Chicago Cubs played against the San Francisco Giants in a game during the day which ended at around 4:30. The bomb scare was reported to police at around 6:00 so fortunately most of the fans had already evacuated the stadium. The Chicago Tribune reports.

Since 9/11, the Boston Marathon, and other situations, Americans’ sensitivity towards events like these has grown very high. The author uses this to his advantage in grabbing the audience’s attention with this article. She also uses many other strategies to keep the audience’s attention and connect with them using the pathos appeal. For instance, baseball is known as America’s greatest pastime and in knowing this, she talks about how the game went and shows pictures of the team celebrating the win. This aspect allows the baseball fans, specifically Cubs fans to connect with the situation and feel emotions about their team, their city, and for America mostly.

In addition to this, she does a good job of appealing to more than just a sports audience by using the emotional connection of the “bomb threat” and talking about how the police handled the situation, which is another thing she did well. She made very clear that everything was handled properly, putting the audience at ease. To emphasize this point further, she includes pictures of the game of players celebrating and fans cheering on their team.

Beautiful Wrigley Field on Sunday, August 9th

The Cubs are currently in a tight race for their division, and also have the Giants closely behind them for the Wild Card spot. Today was a satisfying day for Chicago with their win and the way they handled the situation.

Airplane Debris Found

Recently, some debris from a Boeing 777 airplane has been found. The debris washed up on an island in the Indian Ocean. This is the same type of plane that went missing from a Malaysian airline, a MH370. This raises many questions as to what happened to the long- time missing aircraft. CNN reported of this event.

The debris was found on Reunion Island

Everyone knows the mysterious story of the Malaysian aircraft that went down over a year ago with 239 people on board. This horrifying story can only be thought of as disturbing, scary, sad, etc. In this way, the CNN report immediately makes an emotional connection with the readers. This connection, in addition to the interesting topic, keeps the audience moving down the page. The pathos aspect of this report is crucial to getting their report the attention it desires while also giving a compelling story.

A piece of debris that washed up on the French Indian Ocean island of La Reunion A metal object was found on Reunion Island on Sunday.

Further along the report, CNN addresses the doubt that some readers may have that this specific piece of debris was from that exact plane. CNN includes an expert on this topic and a quote from Martin Dolan, the head of the Australian agency coordinating the underwater search for the plane. He says ,”The only 777 aircraft that we’re aware of in the Indian Ocean that could have led to this part floating is MH370, but as I said, we still need to confirm that through closer study.” Experts are fairly confident this debris is from the missing plane.

If this is debris from the MH370 that will lead to a huge breakthrough as to the whereabouts of the plane and the people on the plane in addition to the huge question surrounding this event, WHAT HAPPENED TO IT?!?

Renewable Energy Fueling Her Campaign

Any time a presidential candidate’s name takes the title of an article, the audience’s eyes are going to be immediately attracted to that publication. In this CNN report, the author uses the pathos aspect to connect with the audience. This article immediately attracts all those who are involved with the current campaign, which is a large audience. More with just the title, the renewable energy makes another connection with the audience. This establishes what she is trying to do if she is eventually elected to office.

CNN is generally known for having a slight liberal bias in their reports, and the Democratic party also tends to be more liberal in their beliefs. If you are putting two and two together, it might be possible that CNN is trying to promote Hillary Clinton’s campaign. I believe the language and tone of this article is suggestive of this. Throughout the article, quotes from her speech are given, and each of them further explain her intention of renewable energy. All of these quotes are delivered in a positive, assuring tone that seems to promote her campaign. This article includes quotes from other sources, including Tiernan Sittenfeld, an executive for the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund, which introduces an ethos aspect to the article. Settenfield concludes the article by saying that what she is doing “will make it a top priority throughout her campaign.” Which assures the audience that she is a trustworthy, valuable candidate for the Democratic party.

The End is Here

One of the greatest names in sports, a consistent sight in Forbes list of World’s Richest Athletes, and the face of Nike, Tiger Woods has shown his signs of decline. Bleacher Report covered this issue after Woods’ struggles at The British Open this week.

Tiger Woods hangs his head.

Throughout this report is the obvious tone of doubt, disbelief, and denial. And who can blame the author? Woods has not made the weekend play for 3 of his last 5 majors, and of those tournaments he has managed to claim only one top- 20 finish. This BR (Bleacher Report) article touches on the high expectations of Tiger after his exhilarating young career. The article uses some nostalgia to make those who may have forgotten about his fantastic play (but who could?), using phrases like “He chipped in at Augusta and won a Masters. He holed impossible putts at Torrey Pines and won a U.S. Open.” Using these memories allows the audience to flash back to what once was and, despite all the trouble he has gotten himself into off the course, and have some sort of remorse for (undoubtedly) the greatest golfer of this generation.

Being the avid golfer that I am, and growing up playing, watching, and talking about the game, this article only brings a heavy heart as you are forced to face the reality of Tiger Woods. His energy on the course, his win- or- go- home mentality, and his overall swagger made even those who view golf as a boring sport tune into ESPN or CBS to catch a glimpse of what he is doing. This article only makes the memories stronger, making a personal connection.

We haven’t seen much of the “Victory Red” as of recent, and unfortunately to all fans of athletics, this Bleacher Report only establishes what has come and gone.

On a positive note, the next generation shows serious signs of high potential, leading the way, the 21 year old, Jordan Spieth.


ISIS Leader Killed in Drone Strike

A former Taliban leader, now thought to be ISIS leader has been killed in a recent American drone strike, along with 30 other possible group members in the Achin region of the Nangarhar province. CNN came out with a report giving the information on the situation. They used many rhetorical strategies to show that their information is valuable.

Any time the words “ISIS”, “Leader”, and “Killed” are used in the same sentence, immediate attention is required by the typical American reader. This CNN report uses its resources well and attracts all American eyes. As an American, hearing the word ISIS puts anger and fear into my emotional response. That is why CNN uses the words it does to connect with the audience on emotional levels.

Hafiz Saeed

Some readers may be skeptical of this report, and to deny any doubt, the popular news outlet addresses that this report was given by the National Directorate of Security (NDS). Even further, in this report, CNN gives names of certain professionals that would have most, if not all, knowledge of the situation. In this case, the article names U.S. Army Col. Brian Tribus. By using this name and including his title, the readers are given the chance to know that their source is credible.

The report later adds, “The strike represents a seemingly big victory in Afghanistan’s fight against ISIS, a terrorist group that has been blamed for numerous atrocities and conquered vast swaths of territory in Iraq and Syria while branching out with affiliates elsewhere.” This excerpt lets the audience know that this actually is a big news story, which, in turn, encourages people to go to CNN as their reliable source for all news.

Tourism In Greece During Economic Decline

For many years now, Greek’s financial state has been on a sharp decline. All of the major news outlets have covered this unfortunate event, but as of recent, their state has only worsened. CNBC came out with a recent report giving an insider’s view of what life is like in Greece as a tourist.

A newly- wed couple is introduced to talk about their experience so far, and how it may be different from the average vacation. Right at this instance, CNBC is addressing their credibility and experience in this topic and to make it more appealing for their audience. The couple addresses how life is as a tourist, saying only good things about the weather and the view and the beauty of the island.

Tourists in Greece (2015)

Next, the host of the video starts out by saying “Congratulations on your marriage”; this also instantly makes a connection with the viewers. The connection they feel is an emotional one, and also a personal one. This statement gives the social status of the couple as a young, normal couple, most likely on their honeymoon. This aspect, again, gives the audience an emotional and personal connection as they can relate to the couple in the interview. A good number of listeners to this program were most likely average, married adults trying to live a life the best they can, just like the couple in the interview

The interview goes into detail about the ability for the couple to pay mostly in cash due to the economic downfall. Even further, this interview gives an overall positive outlook on the tourist perspective of Greece, especially when the woman says “based on what I’m seeing in front of me, it’s hard to imagine what is going on in Athens right now”.

Tourism accounts for about twenty percent of the national GDP of Greece, it is hard to imagine the number of tourists will increase despite this positive review.