Frame Changers #120: THON Forever

FC #120: THON ForeverThe Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon, commonly referred to as THON, is a three-day Dance Marathon that raises money to fight pediatric cancer. With 15,000 volunteers working around the year, it is the largest student run philanthropy in the world.

Over half of HESE students participate in THON and several of them have the honor of dancing for the 46 hours. This one is for all of you:

For the Kids, For the Fight
Hold on tight, Dance all night

24 hours in a HESE day and 22 more at THON
Every step, every move, every moment
Empower the dreamers, let hope live on
Every ray contributes to a brave new dawn

Of empathy, love and passion, be the paragon
Dance with your feet, your heart, your soul
Never ever give up, stay poised and egg on
The darkest hour melts into a brave new dawn

I will dance on Monday night, pass me the baton
cuz THON will be gone; HESE tribe will be back
Designing test strips & greenhouses to feed on
Only innovators and executors bring a brave new dawn

For the Kids, For the Fight
Collaborate, Innovate, Get Stuff Done
But, only for this weekend,
Raise the song, Raise the song
Hold on tight, Dance all night