Pat successfully defends his thesis – good luck in Oregon Dr. Herbert!

June, 2019

Congrats to Megan and Hongjun for publishing their work on spatially resolved 2DES in Optics Letters.

April, 2019

Hongjun, Pat, Tian, and Ken attend and present the group’s work at the ACS National meeting in Boston, MA.

August, 2018

Ken presents the groups work on metal nanocluster spin dynamics in ISSPIC 19 in Hangzhou, China.

August, 2018

Our paper on nanocluster dimer electron dynamics is published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Congrats, Pat and Chongyue!

August, 2018

Ken gives an invited talk on ultrafast spectroscopy of metal nanoclusters at Foundations of Nonlinear Optics at Skidmore College.

June, 2018

Our paper on State-Resolved Dynamics in Metal Nanoparticles is published in Accounts of Chemical Research. Congrats to Tian, Pat, and Hongjun!

May, 2018

Our paper describing axial position localization is published in the Journal of the Optical Society of America B. Congrats, Tian!

April, 2018

Megan Steves and Will Jeffries join the group. Welcome, Megan and Will!

November, 2017

Our paper on variable-temperature, variable-field magnetic circular photoluminescence spectroscopy is accepted for publication in Optics Letters. Congrats to Pat and Utsab!

October, 2017

Our paper on ligand- and solvent-dependent carrier dynamics is published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry. Congrats to Chongyue, Hongjun, and Pat!

October, 2017

The Knappenberger group moves to Penn State!

August, 2017

Jeremy, Lenzi, and Tom  receive their Ph.D. degrees during Spring commencement ceremonies. Congrats to Lenzi, Jeremy, and Tom!

April, 2016

Ken returns to Penn State to deliver the Harold Kohn Endowed Alumni Lecture.

April, 2016

Tom, Lenzi, and Jeremy successfully defend their dissertations. Congrats, Dr. Green, Dr. Williams, and Dr. Jarrett!

April, 2016

Jeremy accepts postdoctoral position with Andrew Dunn at UT-Austin. Congrats, Jeremy!

March, 2016

Lenzi accepts postdoctoral position with John Papanikolas at UNC-Chapel Hill. Congrats, Lenzi!

March, 2016

Ken is interviewed by the editors of Spectroscopy. He described our recent research advances using interferometric nonlinear optical imaging of single nanostructures. Read the interview online, here.

February, 2016


Our collaborative work with U. Chicago and AFRL, recently published in Advanced Materials, has been highlighted with a frontispiece!

December 2015

Ken wins Coblentz Award in spectroscopy. Congratulations, Ken!

December 2015

Utsab and Wolfgang join the group. Welcome, Utsab and Wolfgang!

December 2015

Tian passes his oral candidacy exam. Congrats, Tian!

November 2015

Hongjun completed the requirements to become a PhD candidate. Congrats, Hongjun!

October 2015

Ken is at KU-Leuven as a Visiting Lecturer and giving a short course on Femtosecond Transient Spectroscopy.

September 2015

Our recent article on plasmonic nanoparticle assemblies in collaboration with U. Chicago and AFRL has been accepted in Advanced Materials! Additionally, it has been recognized as a VIP (very important paper).

September 2015

Pat completed the requirements to become a PhD candidate. Congrats, Pat!

August 2015

Ken begins Visiting Professorship at Politecnico di Milano.

June 2015

Tom and Jeremy win student awards at the 8th annual NanoFlorida Conference. Congrats Tom and Jeremy!

May 2015

Chongyue Yi successfully defends his doctoral dissertation. Congrats, Dr. Yi!

April 2015

Ken receives the 2015 Florida State University Developing Scholar Award.

March 2015

Ken wins the 2015 Joseph Wang Award for Nanoscience.

February 2015


Hongjun passes his oral candidacy exam. Congrats Hongjun!

December 2014

Jeff Johnson joins the group. Welcome, Jeff!

November 2014

Our group was part of a recent collaboration with an article published in Nature Chemistry.  [Article]

March 2014

The Journal of Chemical Physics selected our NOLES imaging article to be included in the 2013 JCP Editors’ Choice collection. The entire collection can be viewed here. Our article can be found here.

March 2014

Congratulations to Lenzi for winning Outstanding Poster Award at the 247th National ACS Meeting!

March 2014

Lenzi, Chongyue, Jeremy, Tom, and Ken attend and present their work at the 247th National ACS Meeting in Dallas, TX.

March 2014

Congratulations to Jeremy and Tom for winning Outstanding Poster Awards at the Southwest Regional Ultrafast Meeting.

March 2014

Lenzi, Chongyue, Jeremy, Tom, and Ken attend and present their work at the Southeast Regional Ultrafast Meeting in Baton Rouge, LA.

January 2014

Tian Zhao joins the Knappenberger group. Welcome Tian!

December 2013

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