My Dogs’ Quirky Personalities

Angel and Princess’ personalities correlate with their names.  Princess tends to be selfish and only desires human food, while Angel tends to be greedy with her treats.  Angel truly believes that my siblings and I are her puppies.  Angel thinks that she is in charge of my siblings and I and that she has to take care of us.  When we are at school at day, she whimpers and settles down for the day.  Angel sits on the window sill everyday so that she will not miss my siblings getting off of the bus.  Princess loves receiving attention from us, and she always wants us to play with her.  Although Princess and Angel have their quirks, their positivity and energy provide my family with genuine happiness.

My dogs’ individuality is reflected through their personalities because they depict their unique habits and obsessions.  I have a large living room window where Angel looks outside every day.  She sits by the window to protect my family from intruders and to watch out for other dogs.  Whenever I think about this living room window, all I can imagine is Angel plunging through the window at the sight of another black lab.  As Angel’s wide eyes witnessed the dog scampering passed our window, she leaped toward the window to play with the other dog.  In the end, Angel seriously injured her legs due to the cuts in her skin from the glass.  The enthusiasm that these dogs embody radiates throughout my house and impacts the optimism that I strive to implement in my life.

When Angel and Princess see other dogs, they are enraged with pure happiness and start barking obnoxiously.  Angel’s bark is more frightening than Princess’ bark, even though Princess is larger.  Angel’s bark is more of a howl, and Princess’ bark is a sequel despite her size.  Even though their barks are deafening to my ears, Angel and Princess lift the energy of my house and encourage us to smile at the simplicities in life.

Of course Princess and Angel have their favorite spots for sleeping.  Princess loves sleeping outside when it snows because of her fur coat.  She also sleeps in front of my front door because of the cold tile floor.  She often prevents my family and I from leaving the house and people entering from the house.  Angel curls into a ball on “her” chair in my living room so that she can not only see everyone from above but also squeeze into the comfort of the soft couch pillows.

Since Angel and Princess weigh more than most of the members of my family, many people have been scared of them.  Every single time someone visits my house, Angel and Princess jump all over them.  Although they are ecstatic to see new people, they consequently frighten visitors including mailmen and friends.  Even though they are bigger than your average dog, they provide an immense amount of love and acceptance that is worth the loud barking at dawn.

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