College Student’s Saviors

When I think about Princess and Angel, I instantly imagine my dogs jumping erratically at the sight of my family.  Dogs cause humans to feel accepted and appreciated through their love and inclusivity.  Dogs not only brighten sick children’s days but also relieve the stress of college students.  Through dog therapy on college campuses, students feel that a weight was lifted from their shoulders.

According to an article, Universities in the United States and Canada include therapy dogs in their programs to help reduce the levels of cortisol which help students to reduce their anxiety and depression.  Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia us trying to improve the mental health of its students through the addition of a “Puppy Room.”  Many other Universities are noticing the positive effort of incorporating dogs into these students’ lives.  McGill University in Quebec brought dogs from the Therapeutic Paws of Canada to help students during their exam weeks.  Also, Kent State University created a pet therapy program, called Dogs on Campus, to help students deal with stress and homesickness.

Audrey Giles, a professor from the University of Ottawa Human Kinetics, noticed that petting dogs lowers blood pressure and anxiety.  Spending time with dogs can act as a distraction to a busy college student’s life.  Making time to relax throughout the day is crucial for an individual’s mental health and success in school.  In addition, students who have pets at home can spend time with dogs to remind them of their memories with their dogs.  Petting other dogs will increase these students’ happiness because they can focus on the adorable dog in front of them, instead of worrying about their own dog.

According to another source, scientists at Ohio State University discovered that pets provide support and stress relief for college students who live with their pets.  At Eckerd college in St. Petersburg, Florida, researchers discovered that pet causes students to become more responsible.  They are more likely to attend classes because they know that they have certain obligations toward their pets.  Also, many colleges include dorms for students to have pets such as UCLA, MIT, and Vassar College because of the positivity from the incorporation of dogs into college student’s chaotic lives.

In an article from USA Today, research at the University of California, San Francisco, indicates that the beneficial effects of incorporating animals are that students have clearer minds, and they do not feel obligated to think about school and their studies.  Dogs are present in counseling centers for students to visit, if they are having difficulty with school or personal issues.  Schools like Emory work with organizations that train dogs, while students can experience stress relief.  Also, research portrays that dealing with pets increases the endorphins in an individual’s body.

Dog therapy is the solution to the problem of individual’s stress, depression, and anxiety.  Dogs have the power of healing college students’ and sick children from negative aspects of their lives.  Without the addition of dog therapy, students would be less likely to admit that they are struggling with their classes or anxiety.


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