RCL #1 It’s What I Do – Prompt 1

One of my ideas for my passion blog is to write about my dogs, Angel and Princess.  Since we have rescued them from the SPCA, they have had a positive effect on my family dynamic.  I want to encourage everyone to rescue dogs so that they can find a peaceful and comfortable home.  My first passion blog will be about the details about their lives before my family took them into our home.  I want to emphasize the importance of the love and compassion that dogs need.  I also want to talk about the consequences of abused dogs because their personalities are deeply affected.  My second passion blog post will be about the personalities of dogs.  My dogs have unique personalities that correlate with their names. My third passion blog will be about my dogs’ quirks.  My fourth blog will be about how my dogs are able to communicate despite their inability to talk.  Lastly, my fifth passion blog will be about the benefits of dog therapy.

My second idea for my passion blog is to discuss the different service activities that I have participated in.  I will talk about what I have learned about myself and others from each experience.  For my first passion blog, I will describe my service trip to West Virginia.  My second blog post will be about the forensics program that I created at an underprivileged grade school, La Salle Academy, in Philadelphia.  My third blog post will be about my experience with tutoring third to fifth grade children at La Salle Academy.  My fourth passion blog will be about my experience with volunteering for my grade school’s forensics program.  My fifth blog post will be about my passion for being a UNITAS retreat leader, which involved delivering a speech and leading discussions and activities.

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  1. Both your ideas will make for great blogs. However, I feel that the blog about your service experience will be more meaningful. I think that there is too much overlap between your ideas in the dog blog as some are very closely related and it may be hard to come up with unique ideas for all of them, as there personality is rooted in how they were raised a lot of times. I really appreciate community service projects and love learning what other people are doing, so I would be interested in your blog. Also, I just have to mention that I did service projects for LaSalle Academy this summer and love there mission, so thanks for the work you did for those children.

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