Rcl #2 – It’s What I Do

Addario mentions the story about her Nana’s lover because she wants to emphasize the importance of passion.  She encourages her readers not only to find their passions but also to invest in them.  Addario nourishes her passion by taking advantage of every opportunity that is presented to her.  Even though these opportunities conflict with her personal life, she chooses her passion for photography because she is certain that photography will be part of her life in the future.

Addario believes that when she finds true love, it will fit into the mold of her life.  True love will not keep her from pursuing her dream of continuing to work as a photographer in a myriad of countries.  I believe that Addario wants her readers to understand that they cannot ignore their passion when there are many chances to live it.

I want to encourage everyone to rescue dogs so that they can have a peaceful, safe, and comfortable home to live in.  By benefiting them with a loving home, we receive the gift of joy and happiness from their positive presence.

Knowing that you are appreciated enhances your ability to appreciate others.  My dogs, Angel and Princess, always wait on the window sill next to our large living room window for my siblings and I to come home from school.  They perch themselves on top so that they can see us walk up our long driveway.  As soon as we open the door, they bark, jump, and run with delight.

What is better than having your dog wait all day for you to come home?  What is better than embracing your dogs after a hard day at school?  What is better than being showered with kisses and hugs at the end of a long day?

I cannot think of anything.


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  1. I love the perspective you had on the Nana of the author’s story on how you should take advantage of every opportunity to follow your passion. I totally agree with that; people shouldn’t give up what they love for any reason. It makes a lot of sense as to why the author decided to include the story because it gives a lot of insight into why she is so ambitious in her photojournalism. Additionally, I love the idea you have for your passion blog. Who can be sad or lonely when they have a dog? I look forward to see how your passion blog is presented and show the benefits, for both the dog and the owner, of adopting dogs.

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