RCL #3 – It’s What I Do

The most compelling scenes in It’s What I Do involve the effective use of descriptive language.  When Addario expresses her fear during the first bomb she witnessed, I can clearly imagine her experience.  Within this moment, she realized that she should not enable her nerves to prevent her from fulfilling her passion.  Addario explains to her readers that although this experience was new and frightening, she missed the opportunity to photograph intense images of the dead and injured.

To emphasize the shock that resonated with her while the dead body in the pickup truck passed her, Addario utilizes her strong voice to delineate her genuine concern and passion about spreading the word about the cruelty that she photographs.  Instead of saying that this person suffered from a brain injury, Addario enthusiastically writes, “Brains poured out of a gash in the head.”  Her readers do not lose focus with her writing style because she is trying to portray one of the most heartbreaking and life changing experiences.   This descriptive languages ensures that her readers understand the horrible conditions that Addario, as a photojournalist, is responsible to capture.

In order to cause more people to engage with my passion, I will use more insightful words that will demonstrate my emotions.  I want to convey my interest in dogs so that my readers know that I am genuinely passionate about the benefits of rescuing dogs.  To enable my readers to picture themselves in each of the scenes that I will eventually describe in my blog, I will utilize the importance of specific actions.  I will try to ensure that my blog focuses on my physical experiences and not only on the words that express my love for dogs.  My passion for dogs extends beyond my two dogs because dogs benefit everyone from their loving and optimistic personalities.  Incorporating vivid images of my joyful and playful memories with my dogs will provide my readers with the desire for them to discover their unique passion or dream.


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  1. Seeing as most of us likely chose a different moment from Part II for this assignment, I was initially kind of surprised that you discussed a similar writers’ tactic to me: the use of descriptive language (or as I like to call it, “immersion”). However, given Addario’s talent for this sort of thing, I now realize just why more people than just myself brought this up.

    If you are truly passionate about something and want to tell the world about it, you should DEFINITELY take note of Addario’s immersive strategies; a vivid description of your love for dogs may even be able to resonate with people who aren’t “dog-people”.

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