IboView v20150424 released

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linux and Windows 64 versions of IboView v20150424 were just released at www.iboview.org. Improvements include:

  • Support for importing wave functions from Orca and Molcas; Fixes for import from Turbomole (thanks to Arne Wagner, Kjell Jorner, and Thomas Driant for reporting problems and providing example files)
  • Various user-interface improvements (e.g., the program now remembers how large windows were, which improves handling on high-resolution displays)
  • Fixed some data alignment issues which could cause crashes if compiled with g++ 4.9.x
  • Properties of elements and atoms (e.g., colors, size, covalent radius) can now be changed via scripts.

If you have comments or suggestions for IboView: Do not hesitate to contact me!

— cgk

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