My biggest passion in life is traveling. I caught the travel bug in 2008 when my family went to Rome, Italy for Easter Sunday. It was the first time I had ever been out of the country and remembered my experiences. I loved the living history and the different culture I was introduced to at such a young age. My family has luckily been fortunate enough to travel often and to many different places over the years. I have grown to love taking scenic photography of the places I have explored and love sharing the stories and my photography with others. My photos are very amateur and could definitely use some work but the idea of writing a travel blog where I could have all of my memories all in one place would be amazing.

My most recent adventure would be the focal point. Last summer my mom took my Girl Scout troop on a two-week expedition across Europe. We visited London, England, Lucerne, Switzerland, and several cities across Italy. We rode the London Eye, got lost in the Swiss Alps, visited Juliet’s balcony, ran around Rome, sailed in a gondola and shopped in Florence. This is something that I foresee myself being able to continue on after the semester is done because I plan on continuing to travel and I could talk about my other trips too. For example, I just went to Disney for, what seems like, the 25th time, my parents and I went on a European cruise, where we visited Barcelona, Spain, Marseille, France and a couple of other places. I also have a couple of trips in the works now, where I could possibly be going to Hawaii for Spring Break and Paris, France when I get home in May.

Another possible option for my passion blog would be a blog about food. I would go to the different dining halls and food spots around campus and try to find the best food. For example, who has a better buffet, South or Pollock? Are west cookies really worth the walk? Who has the best and most varied food district? This passion would be really interesting for me to explore because I am a picky eater and don’t really enjoy branching out of my food comfort zone.

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One thought on “My Many Passions

  1. I actually love traveling as well, but I haven’t been outside of the country too often, so I really appreciate pictures of other countries that travelers have taken. Considering the sheer amount of places you have traveled to, I’m sure that it would be very fascinating to hear about what you liked and didn’t like about said places. Many times, all the information would-be tourists hear about countries is strictly positive, so incorporating tips that you used while traveling or things you learned that you wish you knew before may help student travelers like me decide which country to study abroad in or possibly visiting after graduating.

    Your idea about the different dining halls is also very helpful, especially for me, a picky vegetarian. I only recently discovered many of the vegetarian options at Redifer, so hearing about all the other dining halls without having to physically walk halfway across campus sounds downright amazing. In this blog, you could also include information for certain types of people if you wanted, such as picky people, vegans, and so on because I know that would help a lot of students!

    Overall, I think both topics have a lot of information that you can cover and both seem fun to write about!

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