One scene that stuck out to me was the one where Addario and her colleagues get stuck in the middle of a protest and she is sexually assaulted by the male protesters. Not only is it abysmal that the men in the protest, who were supposed to respect women, assaulted her, but the real kicker is the fact that her male colleagues left her in the fray to fend for herself. I’m not saying Addario can’t protect herself, because she proves that she can with the way she handled the situation but to even be put in that situation in the first place was what really bothered me. Take away the gender aspect, no one should have been left behind during the protest. They were in hostile territory, a place that was celebrating the deaths of thousands of Americans and they left behind their colleague because they got the shot they were looking for.

 Addario was able to get her reader to emit this type of emotion because of the way she wrote about the scene. The descriptions were very detailed, to the point where the reader could feel like they were there with her. The detailed description of her assault, although uncomfortable, did its job in showing how violated and uncomfortable the situation was. The way she described the laid-back demeanor of her colleagues after she escaped the mob exemplified the differences in gender bias in the field of photography, especially in such a volatile country. This is all done by exceptional diction and synthesis. Her style in writing helped make this scene compelling enough that it made me evoke emotion and react.

I can use this in my passion blog in the way I tell my stories. My passion blog is about my travels and can easily become somewhat of a journal entry where I’m just telling the reader what happened and not describing how I felt or what I saw. Instead of telling my audience what happened I can describe the place I am focusing on so that they feel they are right there with me.

One thought on “Descriptive Details

  1. I think you picked a great aspect to focus on. This was one of the most well-written parts of the book and was a very dramatic scene in the book. I agree in that it teaches good story telling all-around and everyone could learn from this section of Addario’s book. I am very glad you chose this and I look forward to seeing its effects in your travel blog.

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