One of the main conflict Addario faces throughout the third section of her book is the conflict around drawbacks her gender creates around her job. This was exemplified in her assignment with fellow journalist, Elizabeth, while on assignment in Korengal. For this assignment, they were following and photographing a platoon of American soldiers fighting the war in Iraq. At one point, they were given the option to either stay with a certain platoon that would hang back from the fighting as an overwatch team or go with a separate platoon that was going to the front line searching through villages and be on the offensive if attacked. The platoon that was going to the villages had an almost vertical trek to the first village. They would have had to walk at night with all of their food, water, gear and working equipment on their backs. Elizabeth and Addario worried about their ability to keep up, especially because Elizabeth was very pregnant at the time. As a result, they decided to stay with the overwatch team while their male colleagues went to the front of the line. One night there was heavy fire and by daybreak they had learned of civilian casualties in a nearby village. Addario’s assignment was to photograph the human cost of war. Because she stayed with the overwatch team, she trekked up a mountain instead of going to the front line. Her male colleagues, who went to the front line, were there by daybreak taking pictures of the victims in the village. Because of her physical limitations perpetuated by her gender, Addario was unable to capture the devastation caused by war.  She had been faced with a choice to either stay safe and risk not getting the picture or take a serious risk and get the picture she desired. She ended up missing the photography opportunity and deeply regretted it and felt like a failure.

She relates this to her audience by showing her passion and ambition through her words. She truly wants to portray her surroundings the best way she can through her photographs. This is evident throughout her book but it is very visible in this section. Her disappointment and regret are portrayed very vividly in order for the audience to feel the same way with her.

A common conflict in my life is my fear of the unknown and my commitment to self-preservation. I will let opportunities pass me by in order to not become uncomfortable. It is a constant battle I struggle with to this day. An example I can use in my passion blog was my regret in not hiking as much in Switzerland as part of my group did. Getting lost in a foreign country or just someplace I don’t know causes crippling fear. As a result, I didn’t go on the random hikes some of my friends did while we were in Switzerland, and I ended up missing out on seeing a lot of beautiful sites.

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