“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Now before you roll your eyes and exit out because this quote is too much a of clique, really think about the impact of photography on our society today. From Instagram to Facebook to Twitter to YouTube, the past couple of years have really grown the photography industry into the ultimate expression of the millennial generation. Think about it. Instagram; home of the selfie. Facebook; home of the millennial mom. Twitter: home of the meme. YouTube; home of the college drop outs. These modems of photography and videography have really established and helped all generations become more socially aware and helps in dispelling ignorance to the world that surrounds us.

The invention of the camera is credited to an Arab scholar named Ibn Al-Haytham. However, he didn’t create it in order to capture an image, he used the camera in order to demonstrate the way light reflect off of a flat surface. But this invention gave rise to the modern camera. When the invention of lenses came around in the mid 1600’s the camera evolved into a way for artists to paint delicate and elaborate art. Light was projected through the camera onto paper. Artists were then able to trace over the projection and create beautiful and complex pieces. After artists, the camera was then adapted by scientists. Multiple scientist of the time where experimenting with chemical reactions in order to try to create a permanent image. The first time it worked, the reaction took eight hours to produce and it ultimately faded. Another drawback was that each photo was one of a kind and could not be reproduced. It took many centuries of trial and error in order to find the perfect chemical combination to create permanent photographs.

The modern camera was created in 1925, after film had been established. This box shaped camera created a technological race among multiple companies and countries in order to invent the best and cheapest camera. By 1975, a new type of camera was introduced to the world, the digital camera. This camera was outselling film cameras by 2004. Film cameras had been around for about 50 years before digital came along and yet the digital camera outsold film in less than 30 years. Today it is extremely rare to see film photography anywhere. It has essentially gone extinct.

This emphasis on photography gave birth to a booming source of information and sharing, social media. The impact of social media is in our everyday lives.

Impact of cameras on society and industry

  • Instagrammers
    • People make money off of their phots ad travel journaling
      • The Bucketlist family, the Kardashians, Selena Gomez
    • Youtubers
      • Helped create an entire new industry and jobs
        • Zoella, Alisha Marie, Jaclyn Hill, Lizza Koshy
      • The selfie
        • Facebook, snapchat, constant scrolling
        • Being judged based on the number of followers and likes you can get on a photo
        • Not feeling good when a photo doesn’t do well
      • Blogging

Importance of photography in today

  • Photos don’t lie
    • Photos of war, Syrian refugees, chemical attacks, genocides,
    • The most influential photographs are the hardest to look at
  • Start revolutions
    • Old war photos
      • Iconic Hiroshima girl, Holocaust pictures, Vietnam pictures
    • Dispel ignorance and discover diversity
      • Albums of beautiful women across the world
      • Photos of families in countries with bad reputations
      • Portraits of real people across the world in their cultural norms
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