The first image that struck me was the photo of the father being turned away from the hospital with his injured son in his arms. (Second page in third cluster of pictures) How desolate and desperate does a country become if you have to turn people and children away from medical attention.? What was that father feeling as he was told to go away with his injured child cradled in his arms? Health care should be a universal human right but how do you help if there just isn’t any room? The picture right next to this one is of people lined up shoulder to shoulder, head to toe in order to accommodate as many people as possible. But what if his injury was life threatening? What happened to the child? Was he ever treated? These were all of the questions that swirled in my head as I saw the picture.

My second photo that really resonated with me was the photo of the doctor leaning down to check if a young boy’s heart was still beating.(Page 29 of the third section of photographs) The one-and-a-half-year-old was dying of sever malnutrition like many of the other people within the same hospital unit. Again, similar to the other image, the baby is on the floor, not in a hospital bead because of the overcrowding in hospitals. The main thing that made me look at this photo though was the fact that Addario was risking her life and her unborn child’s life in order to get the right photograph. Because of her pregnancy she was unable to take malaria tablets and in turn risked contracting the disease and passing it on to her child. The phot that shares the page with this one is of a sever dehydrated and malnourished woman with her baby almost passing out because she walked so long and so far in order to reach better place for her child. These women are risking everything in order to save the life of their children and are suffering while Addario is actively choosing to put her child in harm’s way because of her career.

I have already incorporated many images into my blog. The pint of my blog is to be able to share my travel memories which include many of the photos I took. I mainly wanted a blog that could showcase my travel photography. It allows the reader to see what I saw and act as if they are there with me.

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  1. The pictures you used are extremely touching, and I like how you were able to connect Addario’s photography skills to your passion blog. While you may not have seen such sad, depressing pictures during your travels, in a way, you use photography in a very similar way: to shed light on something that you enjoy doing so people become aware of your passion.

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