Paradigm Shift essay

Why is it then whenever I say Girl Scouts someone asks if I have cookies? They act as if I’m going to be able to pull a case of Thin Mints or Tagalongs right out of my backpack just for them, even though its September and cookie season isn’t until February. Why has an institution founded on the empowerment of girls somehow become an institution only about cookies? Recently, the Boy Scouts of America have changed their legislation allowing girls to become full-fledged members and are able to rise to Eagle Scouts. When the news broke this started the conversation of is Girl Scouts next to become co-ed. GSUSA responded with a resounding “no”, Girl Scouts will stay an organization just for girls. Founded in 1912, of a small troop of 18, the organization has grown to 3.7 million members. As the expectations of girls changed, Girl Scouts adapted in order to give girls of all ages the opportunities to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Girl scout success factor fact sheet


Gold Award-


More than s’mores

Paragraph 1

  • history

paragraph 2

  • evolution of gold award

paragraph 3

  • misconceptions

paragraph 4

  • bsa and their recent decision

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  1. Seems very interesting… I never thought of The Girl Scouts of America as being a group to empower girls. I guess I fell into the trap that you were talking about– girl scouts are only good for their cookies. I interested in seeing where this goes!

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