I have been a girl scout for 13 years of my life and yet every single time I say that I always get asked do you have cookies as if I can go into my back and just pull out a box…. lololololol but why has this amazing and organization been diminished down to just a cookie. I mean our cookie boxes even have images that showcase how much more a girl scout is other than just a cookie. From camping to kayaking to public speaking girl scouts is so much more than just two to three months spent knocking on doors saying would you like to buy a box of girl scout cookies?

Now I’m not trying to diminish the importance of the cookie because it does play a significant role in girl scouts. Through funding I was able to go rock climbing, throw hatchets, do archery. I met ty from extreme home makeover ad got to be on extreme home makeover. I spent two weeks in costa Rica going zip lining and white water rafting as well as a massive service project that worked on rehabilitating sea turtles. Here is a new baby in my hand.

I became Delaware’s VFW Scout of the year, I was a voting delegate at our national convention in Utah and was a board member on my council board of directors. I also earned the infamous gold award.

The reason behind this exploration into why girl scouts is so important is because recently the Boy scouts of America decided to allow girls into their troops and there have been a lot of opinions surrounding that issue. Many people say that we should just get rid of boys and girl scouts and just become scouting. But the purpose of girl scouts is to create a program that build girl courage confidence and character in a place where they feel safe to speak and be themselves.

A gs is 60% more likely to participate in STEM activities then a non gs. And 76% are more likely to participate in leadership opportunities then a non-scout. I can go on and on but the proof is in the pudding. 52% of women in business were once girl scouts, 66% of current female senators were once gs and 100% of the female Secretary of states were girl scouts. That’s amazing

Another issue that people bring up is the fact that girls want to earn the eagle scout. Girl scouts has an equivalent to the eagle scout yet no one knows about it. It’s called the gold award and I hate to say it but it is harder to earn then the eagle scout, which is why on 5% of gs have ever earned it.

To earn a gold, you must have either earned two senior or ambassador journeys or earned the silver, the award right under gold and one senior or ambassador award. Then you must create a service project were a minimum of 80 hours is sent on planning and executing the project. Boys scouts on the other hand, you must earn at least 21 merit badges were 12 are specific to the award earning process, be a member and serve in a leadership position inside their troop for at least 6 months, have a letter of recommendation who can illustrate how they served the Scout Oath and law and duty to god in their everyday life and then perform a project.

To put this all-in perspective, I have earned 80 badges, 12 journeys and I have earned my silver award, minimum of 50 hours and my bronze award, minimum of 20 hours. The biggest difference though is for the eagle scout, if the scout and 4 of his friends come together to work on his project he can count their hours as his own, for example, if they worked for 2 hours, that’s 10 hours that the boy can claim as his own. I on the other hand had to do the 80 hours all by myself.

I’m not trying to diminish the eagle award in any way possible an I commend every single boy and girl scout who have received the award I’m just trying to showcase the importance of grl scouts and why they should continue to be separate organizations.

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