Our deliberation topic is what should be taught to young people in their sexual education programs.

Our first deliberation subtopic medical misconceptions. Stacie and Cassidy. They are going to define what sexual education is actually and then go into talking about topics that are currently being taken about I sex ed. as well as topics we think should be added like birth control and vaccinations like Gardisil that are so important for female health but a rally talked about and are surrounded by misconceptions.

Our second sub topic is the social stigmas the surround sexual education. Anna and I are working on this topic. We are breaking this sub topic into two parts. We are looking at the root of social stigmas and ways to break them. The second part is comparing other countries such as the Netherlands that incorporates sexual education in grades as low as kindergarten and how this benefits their society. Their statistics surrounding are much lower than ours which is a direct result of teaching healthy behaviors to young children. We also plan on focusing on real world examples to showcase the impotence of breaking social stigmas. AIDS research could have began so much sooner if Ronald Regan and his team hadn’t deemed the disease as God’s punishment to the gays. By the time his administration responded to the disease, 58% of the cases in America had already resulted in death. Think of how many lives could have been saved if such an awful stigma didn’t surround the disease.

Our third sub topic is about sexual harassment and teen pregnancy. If sexual literacy was something that was talked about more often it would cut down on teen pregnancy. Instead of teaching abstinence teach kids how to safely protect themselves from early pregnancy and STD’s.


At this point in time we are focusing on finding the research necessary for our topic and we will soon start to look at how we are going to frame our part of the deliberation.

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