[Works in Progress]
  • Na-Young Ryu. Korean vowel change and implications for Korean language pedagogy: Yesterday, today and tomorrow
  • Na-Young Ryu. Effects of different types of corrective feedback on L2 perception: Computer-based training
  • Sunhee Kim, Na-Young Ryu & Hyoung Seok Kwon. Identification and discrimination of French vowels by Korean learners of French. Go to the link: (1) French vowel Identification  (2) French vowel discrimination
  • Na-Young Ryu. Effects of web-based audiovisual perceptual training on the perception and production of Korean vowels by L2 learners of Korean.
  • Na-Young Ryu, Yoonjung Kang & Sungwoo Han. Phonetic and phonological adaptation of loanwords: Mandarin falling diphthongs in Heritage Korean in China.
  • Yoonjung Kang & Na-Young Ryu. Duration, speech rate, and speaker age in speech perception.
  • Jessamyn Schertz & Na-Young Ryu. Speech perception and production in the GTA and beyond.
[Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles]
  • Na-Young Ryu. (Under revision). Effects of web-based identification training on L2 perception: explicit vs implicit instruction. Studies in Second Language Acquisition.
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[Working Papers, Conference Proceedings and Chapters]
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