Advocacy and Persuasion Possibilities

For Unit 7, our major assignment is to argue for or against an existing policy, or come up with a new policy in regards to an area of interest.

The first idea I had in mind is more broad than the other two; shark conservation.

It’s no secret that millions of sharks are killed every year through poaching and commercial fishing. While the U.S. did pass a law in 2000 to try to combat the shark fishing, a stricter policy needs to be implemented because many sharks still get killed every year.

The second idea I had is still broad, but more related to the U.S.

By now, most, if not all, people have heard about the killer whale at Sea World who killed one of the trainers during the show. The media put the blame on either the trainer or the killer whale, Tilikum. What most people don’t know is who is actually to blame. A documentary named Blackfish revealed to the viewers who was to blame, Sea World. The documentary explored the history of Tilikum from when he was captured, to his home at the Sealand of the Pacific, and finally to his captivity in Sea World. Using this case as a centerpiece I want to advocate stronger policies on animal captivity, in regards to amusement parks like Sea World and Sealand of the Pacific.

The third idea I had is the most specific. One of Penn State’s policies is that first-year students must live on campus and, consequently, they have to purchase a meal plan. The area of focus for my third idea is the purchase of a meal plan. My idea is that Penn State should allow students to choose whether or not they purchase a meal plan and if they choose not to do so, then there will be a kitchen available to them. This idea stems from two of my roommates being vegan and having hardly any options at the dining commons. They end up eating large amounts of unhealthy food because there is nothing else for them to eat. They would benefit by not purchasing a meal plan and, instead, having a kitchen to cook their own meals.

As of now, I’m leaning more towards my second idea.

2 thoughts on “Advocacy and Persuasion Possibilities

  1. I think that these are definitely good topics, and if I were you, I would lean a bit more towards the first two, because those seem to interest you more and I think that that interest will show through in your project, and others will become more interested. Good choices though, they are different topics than I would generally expect.

  2. I would say that all of your ideas have the potential for a great advocacy project! I love your third idea, Katrina. I personally had no idea that it was so difficult to be vegan on campus (or perhaps just vegetarian). It certainly does seem unfair that your roommates are required to purchase a level three meal plan even though they can’t eat most of the meals offered. A community kitchen sounds like a plausible solution in this case. Of course, that usually means students have to pay more to use the facility. Perhaps even the funds that would normally be allocated for a meal plan could go towards this? Better yet, these students should be given special priority when it comes to assigning rooms so they are near kitchen facilities.

    If you pushed this long and hard enough, maybe the University would change its policies!

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