2015 Spring KSEA Central PA ‘Student Presentation Competition’

Our 2015 Spring KSEA Central PA ‘Student Presentation Competition’ Award Recipient is …

Sang Jin Kweon, Ph.D. Candidate, the intercollege dual-title degree graduate program in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Penn State University, for his presentation on ‘Optimal Location of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Refueling Stations on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.’  Congratulations!



KSEA Central PA chapter is pleased to announce that we are holding a 2015 Spring KSEA Central PA ‘Student Presentation Competition.’ Present your study in our Seminar Series. As a student speaker, you will get systematic feedback from audience on your presentation and technical communication skills through clear rubric.  At the end of each academic year, based on feedback from audience, the best student presenter will be awarded a ‘student presentation award’ and a $50 gift card through this ‘Student Presentation Competition,’ which will be an excellent addition to your resume.  If you fill out and submit the following form, we will contact you by email.  Feel free to ask any questions: ksea.centralpa@gmail.com.


Thank you for your interest in applying to the competition.  To apply for this competition, you must meet all of the following requirements:
– You must be a member of KSEA Central PA chapter.
– You must be a student: 1) current college student, or 2) graduate student (masters, law school, research doctorates, professional doctorates, etc.).
– You must present your study as a speaker in our 2015 Spring KSEA Monthly Multidisciplinary Seminar Series.

Evaluation criteria:

Presentational competencies (80%): We use the NCA competent speaker speech evaluation form.  The audience is supposed to fill out this evaluation form at the end of your talk.
Attractiveness to audience and potential KSEA members (20%): We reflect the number of attendees and the number of new and renewed members after your talk.

How to Apply:

1. Sign-up for or renew your KSEA membership at the KSEA membership page.
– $0 for undergraduates, and $15 for graduate students. KSEA central chapter provides $10 reimbursement for graduate students.  So, you pay only $5 for the membership.  
– Membership term is valid for 1 year from registration date.
2. Please take note of your KSEA membership ID number.
3. Fill out and submit the following application form.

Thank you for your participation and interests.   2015 Spring KSEA Central PA ‘Student Presentation Competition’ closes calling for new applications, as all three time slots have been filled with excellent student speakers.
Please look forward to our next ‘Student Presentation Competition’ that will be held in the coming fall semester in 2015!


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