2nd Monthly Multidisciplinary Seminar


“Boring vs Childish” Laboratory Safety Education in USA and Korea. What is Cultural Influence on Education and Which One is More Effective?



2015 Spring KSEA Monthly Multidisciplinary Seminar Speaker Jinhee Choi, a PhD Student in Adult Education Program in the Learning & Performance Systems Department at Pennsylvania State University, will present her research on “A Comparison of High and Low Platform Communication Styles and the Way They Influence Website design in Laboratory Safety Education” on Thursday, April 2nd, at 7 PM at Walker room 319. Food and drinks will be served. All are welcome.


A Comparison of High and Low Platform Communication Styles and the Way They Influence Website design in Laboratory Safety Education


In the global knowledge economy, Online Distance Learning (ODL) institutions provide the same education platform to the local populations as well as people across diverse cultures. Like the proverb, “Kill two birds with one stone”, a majority of North America institutions take the same amount of effort to serve additional targets like Asia and Africa countries. Although the market is expanding and already more populated than traditional education, the influence of a low context educational platforms built by North America for the students in high context cultures like Asia and Africa are not yet properly validated. Does the high and low context communication style impact platform design and interaction? Then, what are the consequences of learning through different platform styles across culture? In this study, I explore the influence of the HC and LC contextual dynamics (Hall, 1976) on online safety education platform design and the way they impact on adult learners. The first step in this process is to analyze contents and website design of online safety education of KAIST and PSU and the second step in the process is to interview adult learners who used or are using tools. This research would be meaningful because laboratory safety education is rarely examined through this contents analysis using a lens of cultural dynamics.

More About Jinhee Choi

Ph.D. Student
Adult Education Program, Learning & Performance Systems Department 
Penn State University


Jinhee has a B.A. in Industrial Design from Korea University and a M.A. in Culture Technology from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). Her hands- on experience includes time as a Corporate Culture Developer, Co-Founder of Shop of Sharing (at KAIST), and as a Social Innovation Consultant. She is interested in continuing to research cultural historical activity theory, critical social theory, adult moral and ethical development, lifelong learning, and the value of innovation among various organizations. One of her aspirations is to serve as an educator that can help build bridges in schools, corporations and NGOs in hopes of one day seeing Korea unified. Currently, Jinhee is in the doctoral program in Adult Education.

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