4th Monthly Multidisciplinary Seminar



2015 Fall KSEA Monthly Multidisciplinary Seminar Speaker Danielle Jin-Kwang Kim, a Ph.D. candidate in Physiology at The Pennsylvania State University will present her research on “Altered Circulatory Response to Exercise in Postmenopausal Women: Is it from Brain or Vessel?” on Thursday, September 17th, at 7 PM at IST building room 210. Food and drinks will be served. All are welcome.


Altered Circulatory Response to Exercise in Postmenopausal Women: Is it from Brain or Vessel? 


Older adults are encouraged to exercise for maintenance of functional independence and cardiovascular-metabolic health. However, older adults, and in particular older post-menopausal women, exhibit exaggerated increases in arterial blood pressure and smaller increases in muscle blood flow when they exercise. Older women also have stiffer hearts, and smaller/stiffer conduit arteries than other groups. Collectively, these cardiovascular alterations could negatively impact the safety of, and capacity for, exercise in older women. The proposed seed grant will provide preliminary support for a larger NIH grant application designed to address the following questions (1) Is neural constrictor outflow directed toward blood vessels in the arm and leg muscles the same, higher, or lower in older (compared to younger) women and men when they exercise? (2) Do older adults (either sex) show a greater amount of constriction in these blood vessels during exercise compared to their young counterparts? 

More About Danielle Kim

Ph.D. Candidate in Physiology

The Pennsylvania State University


Danielle Kim is a doctoral student of Intercollege Graduate Degree Program in Physiology at Penn State. Dani has a B.S. in Pre-medicine from Penn State and have experiences in both in-vitro and in-vivo works obtained from her undergraduate research projects and co-op. Currently, her work has centered around sex-differences in potential mechanisms of altered vascular control with age in human, in particular neural constrictor outflow and sympathetic vascular transduction. She also has an interest in effects of dietary nitrate supplementation on blood pressure and published her work on beetroot juice.