5th Monthly Multidisciplinary Seminar



2015 Fall KSEA Monthly Multidisciplinary Seminar Speaker Sung Woo Kang, a Ph.D. candidate in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University will present his research on “Automated Concept Generation Based On Function-Form Synthesis” on Friday, October 23rd, at 5 PM at IST building room 210. Food and drinks will be served. All are welcome.


Automated Concept Generation Based On Function-Form Synthesis


This work hypothesizes that enhancing next generation products’ distinctiveness through function-form synthesis results in feasible design concepts for designers. A data mining driven methodology that searches for novel function and form candidates suitable to include in next generation product design is introduced in this work. The methodology employs a topic modeling algorithm to search for functional relationships between the current product design and designs from related/unrelated domains. Combining the current product design and candidate products’ form and function, which is acquired from related/unrelated domains, generates next generation design concepts. These resulting design concepts are not only distinct from their parent designs but are also likely to be implemented in the real world by containing novel functions and form features. A hybrid marine model, which is differentiated from both the current design and candidate products in related/unrelated domains, is introduced in the case study in order to demonstrate the proposed methodology’s potential to develop concepts for novel product domains. By comparing the form and function similarity values between generated design concepts, an existing hybrid marine model (Wing In Ground effect ship: WIG), and source products, this research verifies the feasibility of these design concepts.

More About Sung Woo Kang

Ph.D. Candidate in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
The Pennsylvania State University


Sung Woo Kang is currently a PhD candidate in IME department at Penn State. Before he joined the program he was working in manufacturing innovation team at HYNIX semiconductor company. During the time he was in charge of Master Data Management (MDM) project for extracting, standardizing and analyzing all the data sets coming out from equipment. By experiencing actual data processing relating to new product development (NPD) process, he decided his mind to study more about managing and processing data sets for increasing efficiency of NPD process. Hereby, his research topic is focused on exploring multiple product feature data sets that can be integrated into next generation products. Design concepts for new products can be generated by text-mining and 3D image mining techniques.