6th Monthly Multidisciplinary Seminar



2015 Fall KSEA Monthly Multidisciplinary Seminar Speaker In Jung Kim, a Ph.D. student in Computer Science and Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University will present her research on “How to design and build your research/business infrastructure on the Cloud system” on Thursday, November 19th, at 7 PM at IST building room 210. Food and drinks will be served. All are welcome.


How to Design and Build Your Research/Business Infrastructure on the Cloud System


Today we live in a digitally instrumented, interconnected, and intelligent society where the cyber-physical boundaries are blurrier than ever before. Our everyday life heavily relies on applications and services that access variety of data in real-time at massive scale, and at times with lots of massive scale computation with big data analytics, instantly providing access to wide ranging smart information to smart phones in a ubiquitous and seamless manner. Whether we are searching for a real time traffic direction through Waze, analyzing stock trends on Google finance, updating geo-location on Facebook, getting notification on LinkedIn, receiving Twitter trends on feeds, or watching Netflix movie on demand in the Internet – I have been working and doing research how these massive scale applications and services are built and the systems research for supporting these especially on virtualized elastic cloud infrastructure.
In this talk, based on my previous work and research shown by a book, papers, and patents, I will introduce how to design and build several types of business infrastructure on the cloud system. From this talk, we could learn how to build and test for different purpose of business architecture on the cloud system such as lightweight service, high performance oriented service, large network connection oriented service, high availability oriented seamless service, flexible scalability oriented service, security enhanced secure service, contents delivery oriented service, or cloud resale service.

More About In Jung Kim

Ph.D. student in Computer Science and Engineering
The Pennsylvania State University


In Jung Kim is a Ph.D. student at Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Penn State. Her interests are mostly network management, diagnostics and analysis on the service level and cloud computing architecturing including security and data analysis aspects. She has been working and doing research how the massive scale applications and services are built and the systems research for supporting these especially on virtualized elastic cloud infrastructure. Nowadays, she has extended her research area to consider network side as well as system side.
She has worked at Korea Telecom co. to build KT cloud system, AhnLab Inc. to develop anti-hacking kernel module for the games and online-banking system, and Oracle to support human interaction web service. She also has a B.S. in Computer Science from Sungshin Women’s University and M.S. in Computer Science from POSTECH and Columbia University.