Reaching Out Undergraduate Students: Fall 2016 General Meeting

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KSEA Central Pennsylvania YG Chapter held an event (‘2016 Fall General Meeting’) on Thursday, August 25th at 7:00 pm in Room 131 of Hub Roberson center. It turned out to be very successful. About 40 people participated in our event, which is a satisfactory result considering the fact that it was the very first General Meeting of the YG chapter. 31 new members were registered.

In this General Meeting, Vice President Yewon Jang and Marketing Director Ella Jung presented a brief introduction to KSEA and information on future events that includes membership drive in September.


SRMBD 2016: The 1st Symposium on Research Methodologies in a Big Data Era


The 1st Symposium on Research Methodologies in a Big Data Era (SRMBD 2016) was successfully hosted by the Central Pennsylvania chapter on May 13 – May 15, 2016 in State College, PA, USA. This symposium aimed at making a great opportunity to network outstanding scholars in many areas and learning about cutting-edge research methodologies related to big data.


Three keynote speakers were invited to the symposium; the first keynote speaker, Dr. Hyokun Yun, currently working at, USA, discussed about representation learning; the second speaker, Dr. Dashun Wang, assistant professor of Information Science and Technology at Penn State University, made a presentation about understanding success in science and technology; the last speaker, Dr. Ephraim Hanks, assistant professor of Statistics at Penn State University, talked about computationally-efficient models for Ecology.


Two tutorials were provided about representation learning using genetic algorithm in finding optimal solutions and Blender for 3D physics simulation. Career development session was also held by the first keynote speaker, Dr. Hyokun Yun, to have in-depth conversation about specific tips about work experience and the social life in work industry.


A poster session and three paper presentation sessions including student competition were made to present novel idea and to provide a forum for multidisciplinary discussions on current status and future directions of research methodologies in various disciplines of social and natural science and engineering. In the student competition, two graduate students, Sterling Quinn from Penn State University and Yu-li Ko from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute won the first and the second place awards.




Receptions at night on May 13 and 14, breakfasts at May 14 and 15, and a lunch at May 14 were provided for all participants.


This symposium was co-organized and co-sponsored by KSEA Central PA Chapter, KSEA Central PA YG Chapter, Penn State UPAC, KUSCO, KSEA, and Professional Education Team for Space-Time Big Data, Kyung Hee University, South Korea. Total of 41 people participated in this symposium, including 8 out-of-town participants from the United States and 1 international participant from South Korea. We hope that we can continue this symposium in the following years.



Brighten Your Future! 2016 KSEA Career Day


KSEA Central Pennsylvania Chapter held an event, “2016 KSEA Career Day: Careers in Industry”, on the 27th of January, Wednesday at 7:00 PM ~ 8:45 PM in room 202, IST Building. Total of 26 people (Including 5 visitors from Altoona) participated in this event.


This event was held to help student share knowledge and experience about careers in industry from our three speakers,

  • In Jung Kim (Ph.D. student in Computer Science and Engineering)
  • Jesun Hwang (Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering)
  • HojongKim (Ph.D. in Materials science and Engineering)

We began the event by the Chapter President, Dr. Ryoo’s brief introduction about KSEA along with delicious dinner. After the opening event, the speakers gave us the presentations about their past experiences in work industry. Then, we held a Q&A session to have in-depth conversation about the social life in industry. Also, the speakers gave us the great advice about both general social and academic life such as maintaining a good relationship among workers in a company.


Farewell right after the Q&A? That is not fun!

We had an ice cream social session after Q&A session to promote social networking for the new members. It was a great time!