RCL #1- It’s What I Do

I’m a girl of many passions- skiing, drawing, astronomy, reading, violin, and musicals, to name a few. Just the thought of one of these passions is enough to put a smile on my face, and if asked, I could talk for hours about any one of them. That said, astronomy and skiing hold special places in my heart. Astronomy is my academic obsession, while ski racing is practically a way of life.

Astronomy, to me, is the perfect science. It combines physics, chemistry, math, geology, meteorology, and more into something that, despite sounding “out-of-this-world,” is real! I love this subject very much and want to share it with people. However, outside of movies and some classrooms, astronomy is relatively inaccessible to the average person. The way I see it, though, it doesn’t have to be. Backyard astronomy is something anyone can do, and I want to show people how. In this passion blog, I would talk about my experiences with backyard astronomy and share techniques, tips, and general information with readers.

Ski racing, my other passion, is my favorite sport. I love watching it, and, even more, I love doing it. Unfortunately, people rarely know what it is outside of the Olympics. Alpine ski racing is a fast-paced, technical sport that deserves a much bigger following.  I hope that in writing a blog about it, I can get people interested. The point of this passion blog would be to share things like how the sport works, who the big competitors are, the science and techniques behind it, and my own personal experiences racing! There’s so much to this underrated sport, and I want to give it the recognition and praise it deserves.

In summary, the astronomy blog would try to help others do their own astronomy, and the ski racing blog would educate its readers on the world of alpine racing.