RCL #10- HotC Contract


Group: Katherine Kauma, Katie Saylor, Jarred Vasinko, and Adam Seiff


Topic:  Eugenics and Designer babies


The work will be divided like so:

Research and Script will be divided into three sections:

  1. History of Eugenics
    1. Katherine Kauma
  2. Present eugenics
    1. Katie Saylor
  3. Possible Future
    1. Jarred Vasinko

One person will narrate the video.

  • The person who will narrate is determined by which of the previous three sections contributes least to the total length of the script.
  • Most likely Katherine Kauma or Jarred Vasinko.

One person will film, edit, and put together media for the final video.

  • Adam Seiff

Throughout, each group member will peer edit and review each other’s work for errors and to ensure consistent information, style, and quality of work.  

All related work (notes, rough drafts, images, etc) will be shared in the joint HotC folder for ease of access and peer editing reasons.

If the work delegated proves to be unequal or unfair, it may be redistributed among group members.  In this case, we can provide an updated contract reflecting these changes if requested.