Winter Storms

Winter storms can have a significant impact on society, yet remain a challenge to accurately forecast.

Winter storms can be beautiful but destructive.

Winter storms can be beautiful but destructive.

The emergence of polarimetric radars has allowed for better detection of precipitation type, including transitions from rain to snow and from freezing rain to ice pellets.

Fields of the polarimetric radar variables showing a newly discovered "refreezing signature". From Kumjian et al. (2013).

Fields of the polarimetric radar variables showing a newly discovered “refreezing signature”. From Kumjian et al. (2013).

In addition, the information we get about particle shape can be used to determine ice crystal habits, which tells us about the internal microphysics of the storms.

Various snow crystals collected near Boulder, Colorado.

Various snow crystals collected near Boulder, Colorado.

A list of my publications about winter storms can be found below.

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 * Indicates a student advised by Dr. Kumjian