Life in Plastic, It’s Fantastic!

Could you imagine paying thousands of dollars for plastic surgery, just to have it “botched” and need more surgeries?  Being intrigued by the medical field, any weird medical abnormality that happens to a person I find fascinating.  Therefore, when I saw Botched was a television I was immediately drawn and could not resist watching it. This television show depicts the professional lives of Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif as plastic surgeons.  They take on the some of the biggest botched plastic surgery cases and correct the problems.  While an interesting show in regards to the medical phenomenon seen on the television show, it teaches valuable lessons.  The show teaches the importance health and happiness two topics that are crucial to someone’s health and happiness.

Image result for botched boobs so big fall over I will start this section of the blog with a general statement: everyone should be happy with the way they look.  But to what extreme is this okay? For example, if Michael Jackson had one more nose job his nose would begin to die.  Cases like this are seen on the television show all the time.  One woman was denied a butt implant because it would explode in the butt of the patient causing more problems in the person.  There were also cases where people were denied rib removals because even though they believed it was the only way for them to achieve society’s ideal body it was not safe.  Finally, there have been people denied boob jobs because if their boobs were made any larger the person would topple over.  These cases may all seem crazy but they are real life.

By the doctors denying these patients treatment it shows the public that while people may believe that these extremes are necessary to achieve society’s definition of beauty, health is more important.  When one is healthy they exude beauty, this television show teaches that.

While Botched explains the importance of not modifying one’s body beyond repair, the show also stresses the importance of happiness and how Image result for botched before and afterthis affects one’s health.  In some cases people are able to have reconstructive surgery as they may have had a defective nose job preventing them from breathing properly.  People may also have had reconstructive surgery if there boob job was completed incorrectly and develop a Symmastia, or uniboob.  These surgeries are able to fix any physiological issues that the patients have improving their health. When the doctors have the opportunity to fix these problems their lives are completely transformed.  The patients are able to go in public without being afraid to express themselves as they were happy with their physical appearance.

It is a proven fact that happier people are less stressed than those who are not happy, which directly correlates with better health.  Therefore, the show teaches the importance of happiness on one’s health.

Botched is an intriguing show for any medical fanatic like myself, but it provides the average person with so much more.  It teaches the average person the importance of health and beauty and how they are dependent on each other.

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