Achieve Your Dreams…Not Your Parent’s Dreams

Image result for toddlers and tiarasShe has light brown hair…and blue eyes.  She is 8 years old and hails from Weiner, Arkansas…..what show could this be?  Well I’ll give you three hints, there is beauty, talent and a whole lot of drama involved.  Give up…well it is one of my favorites Toddlers and Tiaras.    While some may see this show as abuse, and granted some parents are a little harsh on their children because they are driven by their need to win, it teaches important skills for both parents and children.  Toddlers and Tiaras teaches children the importance of trying one’s best.  It teaches parents the importance of not living through ones child and encouraging their interests.

Growing up people are always going to tell you that you are not good enough for something if you are not perfect. This is something that is constantly said in the pageant world, parents are constantly telling their children they need to be perfect.  Little girls do not need to be perfect, in fact people are never perfect, so one should not be put to this standard.  Toddlers and Tiaras teaches girls that although this may be what society may make one think is necessary, there are prizes for other things as well including participation, and while one may win the whole pageant one week it is very unlikely this will continue.

People cannot be perfect all the time, and theywill still succeed and get some sort of reward for trying and working toward your dreams.  Therefore, just by trying one will be rewarded, a fact that people need to carry over into the real world, as giving up gets people nowhere.

The show also teaches parents the importance of living a life separate from their children.  When watching the show one can see that many of the mothers only want their children to win because they want to win.  They are not looking out for the best interest in the child as often even if the child wants to quit they do not let the child.  This may seem okay to these mothers, but after watching how miserable the children become, it teaches parents they should allow their children to pursue things they are passionate.  So if one’s daughter or son would rather play soccer than walk on the stage it is their choice and one should not prevent them from making it.  This lesson should transfer outside of the pageant world too.

My older sister, the one that is aspiring to be a musician, is majoring in piano performance and for the longest time we tried to convince her to major in something else.  However, like the advice that this show provides we let her follow her dream and live her life, not direct it for her. Image result for toddlers and tiaras big crown

Toddlers and Tiaras teaches the importance of children trying their best and parents not living through their children.  This allows for the children to be successful in whatever life path they choose to pursue in the future.

Tune in next week as we Count the Children and learn about 19 Kids and Counting.

One thought on “Achieve Your Dreams…Not Your Parent’s Dreams

  1. I really like how you took this show and explained important moral lessons that can be found within in. Many people look at reality tv shows and see only drama, fake acting, and nonsense. I admit that I often turn away from reality tv for this shame reason. However, you showed that these types of programs can actually teach us better ways to live our own lives. I liked your focus on the value of willing participation. It is a common belief today that we should not be rewarded just for showing up to things. You made a good point in saying that this validation is still an important thing for children to experience. At the same time, you talk about the value of not giving up. These are all important lessons to be gained from a program.
    Additionally, children should be able to explore their own passions. The idea of parents forcing their children into the pageant life is certainly not a pleasant one. If the show makes it possible for parents to better reflect on their children’s interests, I can see how it has value as entertainment and a teaching tool. I look forward to your future posts.

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