Living Happily Without Being the Average American

Image result for 19 kids and counting introJoshua, Jana, John-David, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, Joy-Anna, Jedidiah, Jeremiah, Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn, and Josie…what could all of those names relate to?  Well, they have 19 kids and Michelle birthed every one of them. I bet by now you have realized this segment of Keeping Up with the Kerbel revolves around 19 Kids and Counting.  Beyond this astonishing feat of having so many kids, which obviously what attracts children the show teaches so much more.  The show teaches people the importance of embracing others as well as family.

One of the things attracts viewers into the show is the abnormal lifestyle that the Duggar’s live.  All of the children are home schooled; the majority of the children marry super young, and the typical lifestyle that many children and young adults experience is vastly different from that of the young Duggars.  While a lifestyle not many participate in it is important to learn about it.  One should not make assumptions based on these people because they do not believe the same things.  The Duggars are still good people for the most part, minus Josh, and generally have the best intentions in mind.  This is an important belief to transfer to the public.

In a time when racism, sexism, Islamophobia, Antisemitism are at an all-time high we must embrace the differences of others.  As we say at Penn State, “WE ARE,” as we are all Penn State. WE ARE all America despite our differences and 19 Kids and Counting teaches this and encourages us to embrace others.Image result for counting on

The show also teaches the importance of family.  This family has been through a lot with the scandal revolving around Josh.  And while he is in no way forgiven for the terrible acts that he committed the family came together to get through the issue.  And while this is quite a depressing point in their lives, they have also stuck by each other’s side through the positive times.  During the childbirth of many of the children and grandchildren the older girls were all there.  The girls all helped each other get ready and have a fabulous day.  Also, when the children moved out of the house do to marrying their significant others the family was all very upset they were leaving, they were thrilled for new beginnings.

The importance of family is something that people can transfer into their everyday lives.  Friends will change throughout the year, let’s face it I do not have the same friends I had years ago.   However, my sister will always be my sister, my brother will always be my brother, and my parents will always be my parents. They will be by my side a no matter what and 19 Kids and Counting conveys tis belief.

19 Kids and Counting is a show that depicts the opposite of what many people see as the typical lifestyle but it teaches us important lessons.  It teaches us the importance of accepting others and the importance of family.

Tune in next time for the A Keeping Up with the Kerbel edition of Say Yes to the Dress.

One thought on “Living Happily Without Being the Average American

  1. I really liked your interpretation of this TV show. I personally am not a fan of the show because I don’t like how the parents seemed to have forced their views and opinions on the girls and the parents were so overwhelmed by the sheer number of kids that the other ones ended up having to do a lot of the parenting of their younger siblings. However, I do have to agree with in the fact that the family does truly love each other. I did watch the episodes that revolved around their weddings and the birth of their children and it really is so evident how much they love each other as a family. I also do agree with you in the fact that we need to respect other people and the choices they make as a family. I may have my opinions like everyone does, which is something that comes with putting your family on realty TV but I do respect their choices and their family unit. Being an only child I can not fathom having 17 other siblings so I really commend them.

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