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“Rounding the Seasonal Mark”

Here’s the link to my article: I chose the editorial article “Rounding the Seasonal Mark” from the New York Times. I chose it because, while it is an extremely simple thought, it is something that I never really gave … Continue reading

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Assignment #2 Idea

I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to use for Assignment #2, but I was drawn to these advertisements and think I might like to analyze them. These ads are from Australia’s postal system. The font in the red strip … Continue reading

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It’s Eaten Bread!

You know how I feel about tying my shoes? ¡Es pan comido! How I feel about writing my name? ¡Es pan comido! Riding a bike? ¡Es pan comido! Saying the alphabet? Counting to ten? ¡Pan comido! All of these things … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney’s 47%

A secretly filmed video clip of presidential candidate Mitt Romney was released on Monday. It’s a video of him addressing donors to his campaign.  Apparently in response to a question, Romney made a comment about the 47% of Americans who … Continue reading

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Speech Self-critique

We Are! Sound familiar? In case you can’t put a name with a face and a speech, (sorry, but a lot of the blogs I read I don’t actually know who the person is… I’m working on learning names) I’m … Continue reading

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I’m Taking Your Hair!

I’m Taking Your Hair! What would you do if someone told you they were taking your hair? You’d probably be confused and hope they were kidding. Some of us may look for scissors in their hands while running in the … Continue reading

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Week 1: Work in Progress- Assignment 1

Assignment 1 Working on some kind of intro… Civic: Definitions Of or relating to a citizen, a city, citizenship, or community affairs Relating to the people who live in a town or city or the duties and responsibilities that they … Continue reading

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Week 1: Passion- Introduction

¡Hola! We’re all in the same boat with this blog, trying to choose something we’re passionate about. When first hearing of the assignment, I thought that the “passion blog” was going to be a piece of cake. Everybody has passions, … Continue reading

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Week 1: Do the Right Thing

When coming out of the movie theatre last Tuesday, there was a lot going through my mind. Much of it was frustration, annoyance, and anger at feeling like I had “wasted” a few hours of my time. However, as discussions … Continue reading

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