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Views on Homosexuality

Throughout history, homosexuality has been viewed in many different ways. While I hate to say it, for the most part, people have viewed it negatively. Especially in the past, homosexuality was unacceptable. During the Holocaust, homosexuals were rounded up along with the Jews, gypsies, etc. and sent to concentration camps. If somebody was gay, he/she didn’t let it be known. Most people in the past, upon realizing they were gay, kept it to themselves, married who they were supposed to, and lived out a “normal” life. Even today, there are still some negative views towards homosexuals. We’re constantly hearing about teasing, bullying, and even suicides of gay teens. Why is it viewed like this? Luckily, today, society is becoming more and more accepting of homosexuality, and this can be seen in many different things. At least at my high school, and I’m sure many others as well, we had a GSA, or gay-straight alliance. There are movements to stop suicide and bullying in schools, through programs such as the “It Gets Better” program to support LBGT youth.

As we all know, gay marriage has been a hotly debated topic over the last few years. While still not approved in many states, even that it is being debated is a shift from history. While many people support gay marriage, there are arguments against it, the most influential one being religion. Currently in the US, there are 7 states plus Washington D.C that recognize gay marriage. Six additional states recognize “domestic partnerships” or “civil unions.” We can all recall California’s Proposition 8 and their debate over whether to legalize gay marriage.

While homosexuality is not 100% acceptable to all members of society, we are making leaps and bounds in coming to accept it. We’ve made it far from where we started in persecuting homosexuals, and hopefully will continue to improve our outlook more and more every day.

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