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Fair Use, Copyright, and All That Jazz

I love Fair Use and Copyright! Not. I don’t think that comes out of many people’s mouths. Fair Use, Copyright, Works Cited, and all that other fun stuff, is confusing, hard to understand, and kinda scary. If you do it … Continue reading

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Ambiguity: Words vs. Images

I’m still very torn on if either words or images are more ambiguous, more open to interpretation, allow for more imagination, etc. I think that no matter what we see, whether it be words or pictures, our minds interpret them … Continue reading

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TED Talk Self-Critique

So just watched my TED talk… it’s no wonder a lot of actors don’t watch themselves- it is kind of an uncomfortable thing. Although, I have to say I definitely did learn from it. I thought that, overall, my TED … Continue reading

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The “TED” Genre

TED Talks are definitely a new form of public speaking to me. In fact, I had never even heard of them before we started talking about and watching them in class. I’m used to seeing the formal speeches with note … Continue reading

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Trick or Treat!

So I had a good portion of this written last week, Halloween time, before I found out we weren’t blogging. So sorry it’s a little out of season, I know we’re all gearing up for thanksgiving at this point. But … Continue reading

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I Voted Stickers

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012. Election Day. The first time I’m sure all of us as freshmen could vote in a presidential election, and the first time for most college students voting in a presidential election. Most of us who voted … Continue reading

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