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Same-Sex Marriage: Why It Needs to Happen

Civil marriage, in our society, is the primary way to recognize our most intimate, committed relationships. Both heterosexuals and homosexuals should be granted this right. One argument that opponents of same-sex marriage make is that marriage is traditionally between a … Continue reading

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Advocacy Project WiP

Here’s what Eryn and I have been working on so far. We would have a visual display of pinwheels on campus and a website. We’ve made an actual website and have started formatting it how we want it to look … Continue reading

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To Fall From the Clouds

Falling from the clouds is such a pleasant thought. It sounds so peaceful and pleasant and lovely and tranquil. But really, I hate to “fall from the clouds.” Maybe you do too, you do it every day. Every morning to … Continue reading

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Advocacy Project

I will be working with Eryn on the advocacy project and we will be advocating a smoke-free campus policy for Penn State. Campuses all over the country have been implementing no-smoking or tobacco-free policies, and there are already over 1,129 … Continue reading

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I’m Black with Envy

Your little sister just got the new iPhone, or your best friend got tickets to the concert you really wanted to go to. Maybe your brother met your favorite athlete or you had a friend that got to go to … Continue reading

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