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Here’s what Eryn and I have been working on so far. We would have a visual display of pinwheels on campus and a website. We’ve made an actual website and have started formatting it how we want it to look and adding pictures and other things like that. So far, so good!

Audience: Students at PSU

Purpose: promote a smoke-free campus

Rhetorical Reasoning

Pinwheels are designed to be the “attention step.” Hopefully, with a large group of pinwheels in a prominent space, people will be curious about why they are there and what they represent. With this curiosity, students and faculty will either inspect the pinwheels (which will have our website printed on them) or will google it when they get home (and find our website). Also, Onward State (constantly linked to on Facebook) and the Daily Collegian will have articles about it, again, informing people of the cause and leading them to our website.

Why pinwheels?

The pinwheels will grab the attention of students, as they are something attractive and out of the ordinary. Also, pinwheels are driven by wind and air, so are a valid symbol of a clean-air campaign.

Why website?

A website is something that almost all people have access to. A website can have lots of information, pictures, and links. These days, most people do their work and even read the news online. Also, if we were to have chosen a video, poster, etc, it would have been a lot more difficult to make available to the public. We can post posters around campus, but were afraid it would just be “another poster” and go unnoticed. We also thought about a video, however it would be hard to make it as available to the students and faculty on campus. Yes, we could post it on Youtube, but how would we make it known? Not many people go to youtube and search for “smoke-free campus” videos, and if they did, there is no guarantee that our video would be one to come up. With a website, and link to it on the pinwheels and in both Onward State and The Daily Collegian, all people on campus would have the ability to find out more about our campaign.

Who will sponsor? and Why?

Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights, specifically with the support of the Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation will sponsor our campaign. Both are dedicated to nonsmokers’ rights, protection from exposure to secondhand smoke, and preventing tobacco addiction among youth. However, while the ANR lobbies the government and pursues an action-oriented program of policy and legislation, the Foundation focuses more on community and individuals. The ANR Foundation works with health departments, schools, hospitals, organizations, policy makers, etc. to prevent smoking and promote smoke free air. The ANR website devotes a large portion of their website to smoke-free workplaces, and has a page specifically for colleges and universities. This page even includes links for sample smoke-free campus policies, guides for college leaders, and steps for enacting a smoke-free campus policy. The ANR Foundation is extremely supportive of smoke-free communities as well as preventing tobacco addiction among youth, and therefore would be supportive of our campaign.


ANR Foundation:

Colleges and Universities page:

Mode – Smoke-Free Campus Campaign:

·      Students place pinwheels in ground (Old Main lawn) to show support for implementing a smoke-free campus. The objective here is to get the attention of PSU students, faculty, as well as community leaders. By placing a bunch of pinwheels in front of a high-traffic and well known area on campus, it will interest people and hopefully, get them to look into the cause and get them to participate. (See Rhetorical Reasoning)

·      Make a website that describes the campaign to make PSU a smoke free campus for people wanting to learn more about the campaign. (See Rhetorical Reasoning)

  • Website will include:

    • Home Page

      • Covers basic information about the campaign (e.g. What it is, Who is sponsoring it and who is implementing it, and why this campaign is necessary for Penn State)

      • Pictures!

    • Health Information

      • Includes why smoking is harmful to everyone, the risks that come with smoking, and the health benefits of not smoking

      • QuitLine information / Get help now to stop smoking references

    • Get Involved

      • Have a Sign the petition! page to have members of the Penn State community voice their opinion to have campus become smoke-free (submit petition to student government and president)

    • Contact Us

    • News

    • Maybe some other pages

·      Have Onward State and Daily Collegian publish articles about efforts to make PSU tobacco-free

We got the idea from the University of Central Florida’s participation in the “36th national Great American Smokeout, an American Cancer Society initiative that encourages adults to quit smoking.”

“UCF Health Services displayed 1,000 pinwheels at Memory Mall to promote clean air for everyone, and students took the pinwheels to show their support for UCF going smoke free. During a lunchtime flash mob, 100 students gathered to blow bubbles in the Student Union to show their support for clean air for everyone.”

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  2. MMORPG says:

    Not so bad. Intriguing things right here

  3. Michelle Bingert says:

    I really like the pinwheel idea! It’s really creative and something that I probably would have never thought of. I also like your advocacy project idea as a whole. Seeing a pinwheel on campus would definitely attract my attention and seeing the website on there would make me want to go on it because I’ll figure that the website would be just as captivating as the pinwheel is.

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