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Advocacy Project WiP

Here’s what Eryn and I have been working on so far. We would have a visual display of pinwheels on campus and a website. We’ve made an actual website and have started formatting it how we want it to look … Continue reading

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To Fall From the Clouds

Falling from the clouds is such a pleasant thought. It sounds so peaceful and pleasant and lovely and tranquil. But really, I hate to “fall from the clouds.” Maybe you do too, you do it every day. Every morning to … Continue reading

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Fair Use, Copyright, and All That Jazz

I love Fair Use and Copyright! Not. I don’t think that comes out of many people’s mouths. Fair Use, Copyright, Works Cited, and all that other fun stuff, is confusing, hard to understand, and kinda scary. If you do it … Continue reading

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Ambiguity: Words vs. Images

I’m still very torn on if either words or images are more ambiguous, more open to interpretation, allow for more imagination, etc. I think that no matter what we see, whether it be words or pictures, our minds interpret them … Continue reading

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